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i've been hearing all of these new words lately, especially being used by people on television. celebrities, politicians, realities real people, and news anchors. i find the verbal trend to be disgusting. my feelings about the issue stem primarily from one word, "sound-byte(bite)." i noticed around campaign/debates 2004 the commentary's were using the word all over the place. it may be the best way to describe what is happening or the best noun that represents the action, but it's dumb when real live reality people start using the word.

another example is when katie couric, from the today show uses the word "meanwhile" between each segment or paragraph. "meanwhile" isn't a new word and i'm sure katie's been using it for sometime now, but it bugs me that it's alright to say it every morning.

do you know the kinds of words i'm talking about? have you heard them creeping out of people's mouths? i'm sure if you're as much of a television, radio junkie as i am you'll hear the very words you so despise.

do you remember your grandmother having tons and tons of buttons in tins up in the attic or in the basement. here's few of mine that my mommom collected over the years. vintage buttons to go along with the vintage flicker from yesterday.

i wanted to mention that in the last week i've had very little sleep. i haven't been tired like i normally am. i haven't even really been taking naps very often after work. part of the problem was that on wednesday night i stayed up and took about forty photos with the dinocam. i figured out what i think is a nice new technique. the photo above is of some tiny wire animals that my poppop's(grandfather) old girlfriend made for him many years ago. i don't know if it was his first girlfriend or not, but i know it wasn't my mommom, because she's creative in another way. she's a knitter. she makes beautiful afgans and blankets and tableclothes. things of that sort. but when aaron and laurie went to prague for their honeymoon they brought me back some franz kafka sugar packets. how thoughtful was that? so you see the sugar packets in the background. i've got to do a whole lot of shopping this weekend. yucky.

jas and i had a interesting conversation before work this morning, about christmas. as we get closer to the holidaze i suppose i'll have more to say about the materialism and consumerism, but for now i'm going to go.

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From Bruder
know what ya mean 'bout these verbal trends, and what is frustrating is when you find yourself having an arsenal of verbal trends. There is one that I always use in class. i cant remember the phrase, but i know that every time i use it i cringe (and sometimes apologize). One nice thing about these verbal trends though, is that they lend themselves to future historical analysis. In fifty years we will be discussing the issues surrounding this past campaign, and we'll be able to use phrases like "sound-byte" like we use the word "red" to discuss the new new left of the sixties.