a dime a dozen

above is a drawing i made some time ago of a guy who i knew only as an acquaintance at college. for some reason i drew the picture and then thought it looked like john perkins. i'm not so sure it really looks like him at all, but nonetheless, it was my first and only attempt at caricature. i don't particularly like drawing but i would occasionally draw in my journal, so most of the photos of drawings are from my journal.

i wanted to make mention of the beautiful wreath that kate made. she's done alot with those origami blowup balls. i've only once put them on a string of white christmas lights. they were beautiful too, but kate says she's going to post a photo of her garland, we shall see. i know you might be worried about making the blowups and putting them on lights, but i'm telling you, the paper doesn't catch on fire. i used to leave the lights on all night. (only when i was at home though) in case you are wondering how to make these delightful little balls click click click away. there are also so many nice origami paper sites on the www. large amounts of paper for very little cost. i want to see your creative paper decorations. i'm going to set my christmas tree up tonight. pray that i don't feel too lonely doing it all by myself. i'll probably just watch barbara walter's, ten most interesting people. it'll all be very nice and good. today for secret santa, my secret santa gave me a pin from blueskies and a little asian looking card. well that's all for today boyz n gurlz.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like my wreath!! It satisfied my urge to make oodles of Christmas decos. We have yet to set up our tree and I can't wait! it's not so easy when you don't have a stand.