phantom tree

not quite rooted but revered
every turn tumultuously carrying the
ties that bind us to a seed planted
i am with you when the year beginnings
as a bud appears, a reach to exchange
i am waiting for you in the summer
as our leaves like hands find refuge
in each other, my shaded protector.
i'll find you in the fall, in a blush
of color, once we were tall, do you
hear the call. our death is a whispering
wintry wind. our branches broken
our roots frozen. a cold quiet
friendship forsaken.

my weekend was spent mostly babysitting. on friday evening i went to a coworkers home to play with her little boy, while she went out with other coworkers for a birthday party. i enjoyed myself except the house was slightly chilly and i wore my outside coat inside the whole time. the nice thing was that i could get my christmas cards all written out and ready to go. but gosh television on friday night literally stinks. i'd rather take a bath in mud than watch JAG. on saturday i started another list of christmas cards and finally decided i needed to get to the parentals to do laundry. while at mom and pops i soaked up reality televisions america's hottest model and more favorably project runway. i had a nice evening there with s.moore.

suzanne is such a wonderful gift to our family. i didn't grow up with a sister, but now god has given me one. she and i are really quite different. i tend to be less enthusiastic. suzanne is cheerful, happy, and so loving. she's a smile that isn't easily erased or ignored. even though i am older i feel as though she has embraced me more and i have let the friendship and sisterhood take it's natural progression. we have art in common and because she's much more girly than i am it's fun to talk with her, brings out our blessed differences.

on sunday i babysat again. this round presented itself a little bit more challenging, but just as fun and learning filled. i watched five children, aged 8-3. noelle, woodsen, monique, levi, and marielle. i'm telling you five kids under the age of eight is a total adventure extravaganza. i had so much fun though i thought i might not every revert back to being an adult. noelle found my dinocam and i taught her how to take photos. she ended up taking over a hundred photos yesterday. i'm so excited, most of them turned out really nicely. i cannot wait to show you her work. she's got the creative blood in her, but she's still young, so there's all this room to grow yet. noelle got a hamster for her birthday, it ran around the house with the kids in its ball. so hilarious. we spent the afternoon riding bikes, rollerblading and climbing the crape myrtle's lining the street. marielle decide she wanted me to have a tattoo on my hand so she colored my entire left had blue, green and yellow. she then proceeded to color her entire left leg. she looked as though she was turning into a lizard. kids are so amazing, it blows my mind. i don't ever remember being the way kids are nowadays.

i have still a load of thought upon my mind. but i wanted to give a shout out to jennifer and josh kringe. today is their one year anniversary. if you're out there fenn give me a halla!!! i have no plans this evening, but i may try and work on some garland to put around my apartment. i have some bare areas that need a holiday spice up.

my mommom informed me that all she knows about brooches is that she doesn't like them at all. so she doesn't wear them. if it weren't for my poppop she wouldn't even wear any jewelry in the first place. oh well, we've got our answer about brooches.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is looking so nice Cat...thanks for the updates


Anonymous said...

I love your pics and yor posts make me smile. Especially the babysitting adventures!! Can't wait to hang out on Christmas/birthday!