read between the lines


yesterday was a grumpy day for me. the rain decided to pour for over twenty four hours, with promises now, that it'll be gone tomorrow. i can't bare another day of gray. when i walked outside this morning to my car, the air was warm and humid. here we are in december and it's not cold like it should be. el nino, where are you? are you the one still reeking havoc on weather patterns, or the lack there of? i feel like i'm working harder than i used to, but socially we maybe working less. productivity hasn't changed, but i suppose employment outsourcing and the internet play a role in working less. minimum wage is up more than it was when i was twelve and just entering the workforce. i've heard that people generally put in more hours at work, but that includes their www curricular activity. i can't imagine not working out in the world. but i know all these females with their first children, who stay at home everyday and are really active. one thing too, aaron said that we will analyze our history by the words we use. i've never really thought of it like that. i'm frustrated in analytical thought and i become conflicted. the right fighting the left in me. the left murdering the right in me. so i attempt to think less of specifics as in scenarios and past events or moments. but gosh you guys have got to know how wonderful it has been to be filled with the creative gift. when i'm working with my hands i literally don't think of anything but what's in front of me. it has rescued me the last few weeks. having wrapping and poster making to do. i also addressed the bonus check envelopes for work here. every year for the last three there is a request for my handwriting. oh brother.

have you noticed how brooches are the most popular accessory moving off shelves in herds, gaggles or schools like fish. it blows my mind that historically speaking a brooch will mark the holiglaze season of 2004. i love my brooch above. honestly i don't think it is one at all. it doesn't have a pin on the back, but my mommom might recognize it and know a little bit about the history. please feel the freeness to post a comment anonymously if you have any historical information mommom!!! you may even know a little bit more about the wire animals. what's funny about those, is that i was at blueskies several months ago and an artist had made a bunch of wire animals. aaron history repeats itself, why? are we not going to progress. ahh last night i finished jean auel's the mammoth hunters. now it's on to ghost soldiers. and remember to remember pearl harbor today.

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