bb gun

ugh this morning has been treacherous. i couldn't have had a more tenuous experience. if there's a threat of me going crazy about anything, it'll be because of the healthcare system, first and foremost. McDonald's chickens, Alaskan whales, and our prized celebrity's baby names receive more attention and acknowledgement than our own health and welfare. as a tried and true american i am force-fed, to neglect all intellect and self respect for the sake of my superiors, as listed above. humanity no longer calls itself human. it is a suffocation that creeps up on you, the reason that, possibly, andy couldn't stand 'finding neverland.' because we are incapable of appreciating, even the nothing we live in, the nothing we live for. the nothing that's been given to us, that we chose to accept. the lack of concern for others, the explosive desire for "my rights" to be heard and legislated. a motivation warped by immorality, but worse. a hundred thousand bb guns going off piercing my eyes and heart.

and at this point in the early afternoon i'm not as mad as i was. this is a timid attempt at trashing existence, hope and the american dream. do you realize that no matter where you are, who you try it with, how much you fight, democracy is difficult to pull off? i'm not even able to pull democracy off in myself, much less lead others. so why are we so angry at g.w.b for the war in iraq. we're at war in our own country over how to conduct true democracy. it wouldn't matter who was president. no one could convince me otherwise that bush/kerry has an upper hand, sovereign knowledge. what happened to taking responsibility for yourself, your actions, words, and thoughts? why do you need a government?

i will be a hypocrite, that is without question. one thing i have learned is that i am guilty of making my own rules and breaking my own rules. to me that's the purest fruition of freedom.

today my issues are: (in the so called news)

burt and ernie are gay along with spongebob and dora the explorer.

selling adopted children back to the country they came from.


suicidal self centered trainwrecks (literally)

conda rice: what has your secretary of state done for you lately?

health insurance companies, drug manufacturing companies, drug companies, drug company funded grants/foundations for 'their' drug replacement programs, medicare

tomorrow is a free jairus show @ tbones. yeehaw. there's a free dj for and hr show at the nation of cat's house every night.

got a beautiful little sweater in the mail from hillary that'll be making into something: pillow, purse or eden poncho maybe.

thanks moocho hill, if you're out there reading my mumbo gumbo.

this weekend i'll be compiling the trade for you, hill and hope.


Anonymous said...

that is the most bitchin' sweater!!

julie said...

I can't buhleev you're not going to wear that! That sweater is AWEsome.

dopeattic said...

i'd have to be a tiny ten year old to wear the sweater. have any ideas on expanding? so i'll wear it as a scarf or purse...

julie said...

That's so funny, I bought this hideous cat sweater (red, with a kitten and pink hearts and stuff) off of Ebay, to actually wear, and it turned out to be a child's! Because of the knitting, I was scared to cut it up, feared it might unravel. You seem brilliantly talented, though, I look forward to whatever you decide to do.