button bounty

i was reminded by the button bounty that i myself have, as i was looking at hillary lang's new collection. i've never done anything extremely creative with my buttons except for pile them all in a very large vase. it took me forever one evening to separate them all by color and place them from white/clear to black in the vase. i'd love to attach the buttons somehow to my cards, but so far i've not figured out a clean way of sewing paper. i was practicing regularly but had to put the europro away for sunday afternoon dinner with the fam.

tomorrow i decided to take a vacation day. i need the day to take care of the rest of my financial obligations. i won't be sleeping in, but i may have the opportunity later in the afternoon to get a concrete part time job. today has been difficult facing the odds and ends. tying up the corners. i talked with two different cvs managers and they don't seem to have anything open immediately. i'm going by the parentals tonight and i should stop by the rivermont and bilo cvs just to fill out applications. i'm not the waitress type and i think i'm fairly over the babysitting. it doesn't make enough money. unfortunately. i'm hoping and praying that i get into 4Bridges, the wait is killing me. i've got probably 90 cards to sell, but i really must perfect the stitch.

but i do have one note of good news. my mom asked me if i wanted to go up to new jersey in february to visit my nana specifically, but i hope to see mommom and pops, uncle robert and shelly. i'm looking forward to a short vaca to the north. peterpan bakery here i come. yummy.

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