oh if only

i was just skipping around the www, checking and rechecking out all of my favorites when to my gleeful surprise i found every-single-day an amazing quilt artist's blog and site. i was scrolling through some of her archives and came across this photo of an incredible quilt.. can you believe it? i have been wanting to make collages out of paper, sewing together the bits and pieces, but staying with my whole pixelated thing.
more from melanie below.

this is a book that i got at blueskies before christmas. it reminded me of the griffin and sabine trilogy by nick bantock. and a little of being john malkovich.
i think you may enjoy the art and ideas of ">postal seance: a scientific investigation into the possibility of a postlife postal existence. authored by henrik drescher.

look at all the cool stuff you get, stickers and stuff at the end of the book. horray!

more work from angry woebot too.

oh if only i had a domain
oh if only i had a chain
oh if only i had a vein
oh if only i had a crane
oh if only i had a drain
oh if only i had a pain
oh if only i had a plane
oh if only i had a spain
oh if only i had a gain
oh if only i had a cane
oh if only i had a lane
oh if only i had a...


Anonymous said...

Hello Cat!
I feel honored! It is sort of funny to see my bed quilt on your site! I was just up in that room looking at it. I would love to see your collages as it is one of my favorite mediums!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome quilts!! I have been trying to take a second to think what Eden's wall quilt will be. I love those colors!! I think simplified trees and fruit with a Kellogian colored sky...mmmm happy.