purr-fect paper

never shall i slumber. i may not be an origami master, but surely i'm a paper warrior. last night i couldn't sleep at all and i gave up television's reality for the miraculous machine. "your life is a blessing." i have had amazing success with the paint chips and feel the piece coming together. i set aside my painting and felt the need to sew the night away. i think i may have irritated my neighbor above or he has heavy feet. my machine is so small but on the counter it must vibrate a bit. after working with stitches i never want to go back to the sticky, mark making glue. the monochromatic shades of blue and green paint chips with yellow and light green stitches. how amazing. i have never done anything like this before and have been waiting for this day.

when i finally decided to go to bed, i ended up tossing and turning for an hour. all the while projects swarming around my mind's eye. a little over a year ago i went to jazzy junk on rossville blvd with my aunt. i was fortunate enough to find an old taffy box full of even older black and white photos, a hundred at least and for only twelve dollars. what an amazing find, a fantastic medium, but i couldn't think of a way to utilize them. i originally thought of creating a family tree out of them and very nearly organized them chronologically. it was a wonderful task, taking time to inspect facial features and pencil scrawled notes around the edges. suddenly before drifting off i thought of sewing a family tree together. i'd love to use silver thread and possibly do a tree design. if a tree doesn't work out i'll do a simple square and sew the tree, with leaves and such over the photos, in corners. i think it sounds like a suitable next project.

collage with paper is limitless. i don't think i'll ever run out of material. hey guys, martha stewart is having a huge sale, 70% off. i took a looksy, very picked over but a few things maybe of interest. someone told me that the magazine will be ending. does anyone know if that is true or not. i'm too this way in denial to research.

valentines is right around the corner too. oooh can't wait.


elizabeth said...

what a great idea to do with the photos! are you still thinking of doing this? you must post pictures once you do.

p.s. found your site(luv it by the way) via the yahoo boards from snail mail project.

loveforhim16 said...

fantastic talent I can't wait to see what you come up with next!!