archeology digs

last night was different than things have been lately. i wasn't up for very much and so i found myself frantic, when everything started down the unexpected road. i left work in a hurry to get home. i've been awaiting news, from 4bridges. sure enough it was in my mailbox. but with an unfortunate non-acceptance letter. honestly, a no BIG surprise. i didn't think i'd get in but i wanted to try and try anyway. i had been looking at the artists chosen in past years and i didn't feel my work fit in. the big picture has no space in it for collage like mine. i also know that my work isn't a unified body and it must be difficult to grasp. it's not like i have one idea and stick with it. there isn't one theme, one medium, one stroke, one hypothesis. my work is experimental and at times too bright and abstract. i don't know that people find real depth in my art and that's not because it isn't technically good or that i don't spend much of my time with a piece. i think it's because you won't beable to see layers of work in a slide. you won't get my artist statement fit into a thirty word descript. regardless the @ home exhibit is on. the evening might just be called 'at home with the artist.' who knows but look for details to come. i'll be working to frame pieces finished and getting plaques via jas. i'll have invites going out when i decide on a date when i'm not working.

i am working at cvs rx tomorrow for the first time in quite a few years. it should be interesting. i find the idea brilliant, no more free, uninspired time on my hands. have anyone of you noticed the nice broadcasting on pbs lately. especially the evenings. man, i don't feel guilty about watching any of it. there was a special on regarding ireland and tracing mankind there. under large hills they'd bury their dead. like this
what an amazing story. how can you not love the history of man. the ritual the practices all it. i'm amazed there are people who, today, bother to think about the past and have found things in their journeys and discoveries. i think i want to do everything. everything there is to do. sounds insane. i want to climb the largest mountains, walk and sail around the world, fly a jet plane and oh so much more. i don't feel urgency or even a extreme motivation, but the intrigue is definitely there. my friend came up with a new dj name for me. so far i've got, dj mini mart, dj for an hr, dj durta laundre', and now dj catskillz. i joke all the time about being able to spin out some intella-inde hiphop. i have seen some females that scratch em up though. amazing work.

i'm trying to think about what else is new news. i'll catch up later. outta here.


Anonymous said...

Man they had a cool adventure through Norway thing on last weekend and a Jazz special on last night. Do you get GPTV? or is it WTCI?

Cat, we should try and do the Cartersville fest together!! Let me know what you think. It's October, and the deadlines are much more flexible.


Anonymous said...

let's do the fest for 100% count me in!!!

i don't know if what i get is wtci/gptv. oneway or another all hell's broken loose and i'm lovin' it.

Rob said...

Hey Cat, love the stuff, love the stories. Keep up the good work. 4Bridge or not 4Bridge - God has his hand in your art. When I see your work, and think of all the ideas that swirl in my head and I don't have the patience, gumption or self discipline to get on paper - I'm just happy for you.
Be Encouraged.

Anonymous said...

depth in art? there ain't none in mine, that's for sure. and i'm not known for being flippant or "shallow". anyway, nothing like a rejection letter to make you try harder. good luck.