foul swoop

as i was taking the elevator up to the fifth this morning, i noticed the purple window washing company out in command on the glass. when i went out for a break just now i watched as three of them gently eased their way down to a flat area. at once the third, higher than the other two took a flying leap around a angled corner into the two below. took my breath away for just a moment. watching in awe as white foam flew out of white buckets. and a tangle of rope and purple, woven together on the side of the glass. in one enormous foul swoop the whole troop might have crumpled to the glass roof feet below. i am now left with a strange feeling. remembering b.k., last night's rerun episode of medium, and how fragile life really honestly is. i suppose it is wrong of me to draw similarity between a real life accident and that which is portrayed on real television. i tend to watch television to pick up snippets of knowledge, pointless, meandering knowledge of very small matters. science intrigues me to no end because there is fact about everything. one could wrap our lives around numbers. how many blinks, how many yawns, how many oreos around the earth, consumed by americans in a year. so on and so forth, a never ending wealth of who's who. what's what and why's why.

it is indeed exhausting. and i seriously doubt i am exaggerating. the problem might be, that i never finished college. but i doubt that too. i am more than curious about everything.

last night after work i came home and had the evening off. it was a normal day, just like any other except i got the cutest valentine from my littlest bestest friend in the world. josiah will most likely be like his momma and eden like her poppa. doesn't it work that way usually. i believe i am one hundred percent my father and one hundred percent my mother. that's how i explain my conflictedness. how could one person be an introvert/extrovert simultaneously? i worked on crossword puzzles in bed before drifting off to sleep. i didn't wake up until a text message on my cellphone woke me at eight. almost too late. so i popped out from under the cozy sheets and made sum+ kona blend kaffe'. chips and dips for dinner. and all my m.s.magazines for reference along with metro home. pumped out five drawings of the music room. not proportionate, but colored with pencil and everything. i don't think i finally got up to go to sleep until two a.m. oh well. i have a majorly bad habit of not sleeping correctly. starting from when i was in highschool, having mono, and almost missing senior vaca to panamocity (the way j. says it). i went on the trip, miserable the whole entire time, but that's highschool for you.

i want you to know that the i looked at the blogs up for the 2005 bloggie awards and i had no idea that i could nominate myself. egotistical i know, but hell there are bloggers out there using blogspot just as i am and up for a little publicity. many of the blogs don't even have photo content. how's that good. i've gotta have the visual support, anything to represent the phantomcrimes that'll blow your mind.

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just a little bit about Christo - thought of you as I read it


I'd vote for you.