have you heard? do you know? are you up to speed on this? podcasting just heard about it this afternoon while on my break. there is a bunch of it going on, so much for pirate radio.

well i had a fairly good weekend. last friday all hell broke loose at work, but i must say i stood my ground. so today i gave one of my coworkers a letter i wrote and i'm not receiving the silent treatment anymore.

on saturday the weather came me in and i worked on my card for hope. i sent it out yesterday and can't wait to hear what she thinks. big ups for ideas like hers. otherwise i'd still be with nervousness.org and bored. i also have a very special surprise heading up hillary's way. i have some insecurity about it all because hillary happens to be a softie seamstress and i am barely a paper seamstress. i can't much count on a straight sewing line on paper. although i favor the crooked line more. i'd really don't want to use too much glue, so while sewing i use paperclips which fasten my pieces together long enough for me to get them together. i don't have fancy stitching and i rarely sew backwards, but sewing on martha stewart ribbon and the sort has been overwhelmingly rewarding.

i finished my landscape project the night before last and last night i started my family tree photo quilt. i'm not as eager or optimistic this go around. it's was much harder deciding how to start. after all i really know nothing about the family pictured in the photos. but i did manage to pick through the organization and find a pattern. a very loose, raw sort that won't speak to the family ties that bind or anything like that, but oh well. maybe i'll forge another path with this project. and forget sewing leaves, the photopaper is way to fragile. i suppose i enjoy the white, brown and black tones of the photos more than anything right now.

i also am starting a part time job at cvs pharmacy on saturday. horray, oh my goodness i'm so excited. more moolah and financial peace. i sat down with my father on sunday to discuss and plan my financial future. it sounds ridiculous i know. i'm twenty nine and struggling habitually with my money. habits are difficult to break and though i have a good job and make plenty of money to support myself i am not able to do a few very important things. i also know that marriages with money issues easily fall apart, so it's better to face this now while i'm free of all that. i know there are millions of people out there much more responsible than i but it really doesn't matter to me. if you don't have car debt, you have school debt, if you don't have school debt you have credit card debt and if you don't have credit card debt you have wedding, children, home, or vacation debt. what is done is done, i must move forward. which i look forward in doing. so i'll be heading down to atlanta on saturday afternoon for j.j.k's second bday. all will work out and i feel much better than i have been for quite some time.


Anonymous said...

don't feel bad about financial debt. I mean,overly. There are people crazy in debt. Like tens of thousands. So have faith and trust your gut. And continue to be thankful, I know you are and that's a great place to be. Don't get burned out, We'll miss whatever optimism there is if you're overworked too!luv ya always kate

Caheli said...

I'm also 29 and having troubles being financially responsible. I also have a good job, make okay money but can't seem to get the whole savings thing or vacations or other "grown-up" stuff going. Maybe it's not completely our fault. I know I learned bad habits from my parents. Hang in there. Money is definitely depressing.