7 hours

i am fortunate to have access to the www tonight. i decided to stop by the parentals for a bit to get some new photos up. about two weeks ago hannah sent me the two books and the carrysmall. i mentioned the wonderful treasures, but felt my photos did not do the carrysmall much justice. i have been carrying it and have gotten amazing compliments. i have not started reading the books, because i am still in the middle of the secret friend. i have got quite a few books on my list. aaron and laurie bought me the davinci code for xmas and i still have not had a chance to pick it up, but i have heard that tom hanks will be starring in the film at some point. i have had a long weekend. i worked on the mural from nine am to two pm on saturday. i am finally finished. i took photos with my thrityfive mm. no digital. i also worked the rx saturday four until nine. then today from noon until seven.

my plans to go to atlanta for the weekend after easter are now concrete. i refuse to work another double day weekend. seven days a week is a bit exhausting. i will probably be back tomorrow afternoon. especially if uoha is not too chaotic. mostly peace goes out to you for the last hours of the weekend time.

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katiek said...

Yeah! Can't wait to have you! The shower thing is kinda wierd, like no one has announced it, and it probably won't get announced this Sunday either. So it will be small, but I don't really care. It's really nice of them. And heck I get to go out for Mexican food!