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i just could not do it all this weekend. i had great aspirations but in the end out of town family time became the priority. more of good fridays would be nice. i spent mine wrapping spring presents, catching up on my snailmail, and putting away the craft mumbojumbo. i started out at the grand with so little and now i find my once very bare cabinets filling to the brim. partially because i am now accumulating my grandparentals things and few of my parentals things. i also must must must find a new way of organizing my growing paper supply. i have wanted a filing cabinet for at least three years now but have not felt the force of paper behind my eyes until now. i know i might beable to find a free one on the yahoo local giveaway, but i have nearly forgotten how to get there and now at work it is not a good time to parade my need.

ooo and there was a three hour drowning training tour at the rx. i had absolutely no clue the cds would take that long to get thru. what a blah afternoon friday was. i thought i would have been out of there in an hour. and i'm just part time. i'm not fired up about becoming a manager down the road. but i feel like they've got to prep me for the round robin. at least i got another three hours paid training. better than nuttin.

saturday was most of the same, but the weather turned it's hand, no more of that poker face from mother nature. but i worked. gosh what i am thinking? wait, i know what i'm thinking. i have no choice. unless you know of an idea. we are a society of game show millionaires. i'd like to try my hand at inventing a crossword/scrabble game show. wouldn't that be nice. i tend to think of myself as a genius, but i know that i am not. i think it is a collier thing. for instance, my brother wants to start a second business in addition to the construction one he's got. he needs investors though. unga-bunga, not my cup o beer. i like turbo dog. then there's my monamieta who moves her mom down from the nj state, while going to school and applying for a new job. i don't know if these are real examples of genius, but i know that there is a "i can do anything i want" attitude that permiates the collier minds. yikes, what have i gotten myself into? a question i seem to ask fairly often.

except on saturday evening my cousin from the great north east came down. i thought to extend and invite and she decided to stay with me. we made coffee, a dump cake, sat out on the window ledge in the pouring down rain and spoke until four am. we've never been especially close considering the eight hundred or so miles between, but we happen to be very similar despite the thirteen year age gap.

sunday...there isn't a fulfilling way of expressing myself. the vocabulary void is there to save me from having to explain my feelings about sunday. mostly regarding my faith that often seems too deep within me that it is difficult to try and express much here. i'm not here to save or sacrifice, often my blog is a self centered exploration. i was exhausted from the night before, but i felt an incredible something and that's as far as i can go. sunday afternoon at the parentals was just the warmth and coziness i needed. yum food. homemade thumbprint cookies, an apple coleslaw, and hashbrowns. too much for my shrinking tummy, 'per the biggest loser work contest.'

then it was all over town with ashleigh.

nite time at eleven and a sad monday morning bug.

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