publishers prize patrol

one day while i was in new jersey a couple of weeks ago, while at nana ann's house the postman came to drop off the mail. my aunt cathy was outside packing the mini.van and noticed the mailman unloading a large box. my aunt refused the delivery, with my nana's departure in mind. the little man said that all the people living in this leisuretown community, bought mad amounts of publisher's clearinghouse paraphernalia, in order to "win the millions." my nana had all sorts of things in boxes from the P.C.H. most unopened boxes of books, but just lying around in uselessness. on saturday evening while at the hotel nana said that she need to call her son robert to let him know that he needed to be at her home the next day so that if the publisher's prize patrol came, someone would be there to collect "the millions."

i think that my little nana has been pulled in, she's bought the lies, and believes she's going to win. now she's happier playing bingo, bathing in the egg shaped spa and thinking about all of her dolls that are coming down. she knows that she's younger than most of the people living in assistance, but it is only because in three years her decline has been obvious in more ways than one.

on the other hand my mommom and poppop are thriving, challenged, serving, and preserving. they are both so creative, i have begun to think it came from them. i have a feeling that mommom is back on the www, because i got a few emails from her yesterday. i also got an e. from h. and she got my package. i'll try and find directions to my boxes now. check with me tomorrow i'm having a hard time getting my service/computer to work properly. sorry.


katiek said...

crazy about your grandma. It's hard to fathom. glad you got my note, I've been thinkin about you. I hope yer doing great.

Mom said...

I love your writing. Our elders can teach us so much. We learn what we want to be and what we do not want to be. What we put in now is part of what will come out much later in the way we live our lives.
I love you sweetie.