seven straight

monday morning madness approached me without warning. i was kinda pissed off for a couple hours. now all seems to have quieted and i can post to my hearts content until this afternoon's maddening rushabaloo. i suppose working seven days and now eight straight does not help the mental and emotional capacity. i wish for a nice long nap this afternoon.

my goodness, can you see how adorable this carrysmall is from h. i could not believe it when i opened the box about a month ago. i absolutely love the fabric, which reminds me of the painting in ferris beular's in the chicago museum. i am so bad about remembering the artist and the name of the painting. i'm sure that my friend kate the art historian would know which painting i am thinking of. i had no idea what a pleasure such a small carrysmall would be for me to have. i would love to learn how to make them, if and only if i had the right sort of fabric. i just have not done any sewing lately, due to the new project of making my own versions of quilts, per potholders. i have made a total of four so far, and i've got so much more nylon to go.

i also bought those two balls of yarn a couple weeks ago and with a crocheting hook i am improvising a stitch. but i have no earthly idea how to connect a finished piece with another finished piece. i won't begin knitting until i get my needles from new jersey over easter vaca.

check this stuff out

they are starting a stitch n bitch here around the corner. i am interested but have very little time to enjoy such pleasure right now. i must support the local yarn shop though. if you are up for trade of any sort i'll be happy to look for a specific yarn for you. i also wanted to give a sneak peak of the mini "quilt" pot holders. some of you may see these again via the mail, but they should look a little bit different by the time you get them. i've got a small plan to add the perfect touch. cannot wait to have the next two evenings off from the rx. i have got plenty of things to do.

a. ava member show: progress (progress is the theme: i don't really like all of what the city is doing on the northside, but the hunter art museum addition is absolutely great, quite modern and eagle like in architecture.
b. laundry: 2 loads
c. napping
d. easter/spring package completion
e. finish potholders
f. get photos from new jersey and mural developed
g. finish mural
h. go grocery shopping

and moocho more.


katiek said...

The artist is Seurat the pointalist. Josiah has become a pointalist as well! I have no idea what the name of the painting is, but it's probably "Picnic in the grass" or "at the Park" You know an exciting title like that!

hannah said...

ugh, i know what it is like to work every day of the week... you dont realize how much your mind needs a little downtime. glad you like the carrysmall! i love that fabric too, it says something on the selvege edge, i will have to check it out. cant wait for you to start on those books... really looking forward to your thoughts.