in the closet

i really really really wish that it was still the weekend. i am soooo tired of getting up early and working. i just wasn't ready to come back to work today. the weather is just too pretty and all i would do is sleep, but who cares? i went to las marguaritas with the co workers after work on friday. i had my favorite combo-nation. guacamole, one chicken taco and a sopopilla with ice cream. then i walked over to greenlife and picked up some wonderful burt's bees cosmetics and my favorite rosemary shampoo. then i was off to take a nap before dread work. saturday and sunday i worked too, but it was really fine. i did have an awkward moment with one customer and i have all the gumtion in the world but need an editor to write the cvs corporation and give them a piece of my mind. the way corporate america works these days is one hundred percent ridiculous. i really do not like all of the plastic cards that grocery stores and rx have put out, like bi-lo, winn dixie, food lion, blockbuster, the gym et cetera. it is a scam that has got to be stopped. stop using your cards, don't give out your phone number when the cashier asks. pretend you did not hear a word of it. it is usless and sure cvs gives you those "extra bucks" back but i think that is a ploy to get customers to buy more and more. it isn't right!!! don't give into the american ways. buy from places like the dollar tree or big lots where there aren't stupid plastic cards inorder to get the sales price. not fair, not right, fight back.

so i got my postcards finished for the swap, but i've still got to mail them out. i sent a large scanned file to m. so i hope that works out for her to post. um let's see...things were really uneventful this weekend. i clearly did not have time to do much of anything. i did however get the best cat package from hannah in kc. gosh guys i thought all was super-dooper lost in the ups system. but to my gleeful happiness a boy from the english rose (the tea room on the first floor of my building) delivered the package on friday afternoon. wow can you believe it? i thought all was lost. hannah sent me some beautiful things, including a very nice bird stamp and a cut floral print ribbon i will most definitely be able to use on an apron. i've taken photos of everything, just waiting to get to upload, speedload, ripe load the stuff on to the pc/flickr acct.

i spoke with kate on saturday. she said her appt with the hollis gallery around the corner from me went really really well. i am truly excited for her. i cannot wait to see all of the beautiful nudes she ends up painting. i also could have an exhibit op there. we shall see. time is my only problem. wish i could do a million trillion things at one time, though. do not forget that mother's day is two weeks away. most of you are mothers already, i am not so i still find the holiday to be special. to honor and cherish my wonderful monamieta. and um yeah. das ist alas!

i love the flight stewardesses above and this great artist found skeleton's in hello kitty's closet. watchout. i'll post his name and link tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

the hello kitty is great!! Hahahaha!

sweethc said...

I sent you a package yesterday. Still on the hunt for cool bird things.