josiah's gift

look at this precious boy. josiah james knutson is in for a big little sister surprise coming soon. personally i cannot wait and i am not even the one carrying the child. i have always been close to different children at different times, during, after and throughout my babysitting experiences. but man oh man. when you see a young life come into the world it is an entirely different feeling. even though i didn't labor josiah there is a definite closeness i feel toward him. it goes beyond a verbal expression. a memory = an experience.


sweethc said...

You are so right. There is something special about seeing a child born. I meant to tell you, people have such a positive reaction to the paper stars you sent. I have them hanging in my office cubicle for color! Where did you get them?!

dopeattic said...

i believe the paper stars i bought from the dollar tree several years ago. i have high ceilings in my apartment and thought they might be nice hanging. alas i am terribly short and could not reach the ceiling. oh brother.