the many of my hour

the many of my hour represents most of what i love on a daily basis. my infinite desires and torn complications ring through when it comes to my pure aesthetic. that is what i find to be the most pleasing. aside from what everyone else thinks. my version of existentialism. what i mean is that i have a good reason for liking the beauty in almost anything. my newest intrigue is music, but there are a thousand other things. matthew miller came from the television screen into my mind, something about his music struck me in a different sort of way. i am not sure if it is too religious or that the live versions of his music weren't mixed well on the soundboard. umm. i have only just heard of matisyahu within the week, so you won't catch me saying its the best, but i enjoy mostly all music except for country and i'll be unapologetic about that.

the other thing i have found to be exceptionally pleasing is brevity's photos. the photo below is an example of an extreme mind willing to try anything. the photo idea was inspired by jason salavon. i appreciate the fact that there is abstract photography and that artists are pushing the envelope within that genre. i enjoy photography, but have never taken a class to learn the field well.

i think that i will be missing 'progress.' i am a bit disappointed with myself for not attempting a concept for the all member ava show.

beck has a new album out too did you all know? have a good weekend listening, ears wide open. breath freely. sleep fiercely. eat quality. yum

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