sound clash

i had a fairly nice weekend. yesterday felt like a vacation. i did not have to work at the rx and so sleeping became the priority. i missed kate though while she was up. but i did start a new painting yesterday. it will actually be a workforce collage, based on all of my not being at home but at work instead. i have gotten a couple ribbon commitments for the aprons. that i am seriously making. i will only beable to make a limited addition of three. so two down one to go.

i hope you all made your taxes. CBS News Correspondent Bill Geist visits Lawrence, Kansas, where residents celebrate tax day with a party at the post office, complete with a band, road kill stew, and a tap dancing politician.

i have been thinking alot about things. i had a really good conversation with my mom on saturday night. she suggested that i go to a different church. yikes. making a large move would mean making smaller moves where i am at now. which leads me to this book i have heard about which i would suggest some of you might want to pick-up and read. BLINK
CBS News Correspondent Martha Teichner explores the world of snap judgments, rapid cognition, and what can happen in the blink of an eye, with Malcolm Gladwell, the author of the best-selling book, "Blink." last night the fire alarm in my building went off twice. the first time was at eleven pm, the second at two thirty am. i sat out on the street and in my car for an hour waiting for the firemen to find the source...and ok the re-entrance to my apartment. talk about a completely nerve racking experience. i am mad at the fact that the alarm went off like that last night. it frightens me and i hate that feeling. i do not want to be afraid. and how am i supposed to know if there is a fire at the other end of the building. what do people do when they are in the middle of taking a shower and the fire alarm goes off.

anyway. i do not think that i would be so worked up about a stupid fire alarm except that i cannot imagine having to go through a fire for a second time. would that just be outrageous? at least i could take it as a sign that i could move on.

i want to be a dj and run records like hsh and matisyahu and maybe a loop of "another one bites the dust." i think i'd like some turntables so if you have some that you just want to give away or if you want a small fee, let me know. i'd like to have a one woman sound clash.


hannah said...

i didnt realize lawrence was unique in its tax day party. i always thought the rest of the post offices around the kc area were just boring! what a great town...

sweethc said...

You have to check out freecycle.org and post a want ad for the turntables. You would be amazed at the things people are trying to give away. You never know what you could come up with.

I found ribbon. Sending it this week. Unfortunately, they do not have the coolest ribbon at my fabric store.