this little light

we had the mostest fun last night. i took a very short nap after work before going to the baseball game. we decided to take the electric shuttle down to the ball park. it is easier than driving and trying to find a parking spot downtown. we hopped on the shuttle with around twenty british or possibly scottish elderly's. how funny is that? here i am in chattanowhere and ah um my friends and i happen to get on a bus with twenty foreigners. that doesn't happen very often. but i see why they would want to travel to chatt. they decided to go to sticky fingers for dinner. unga bunga, definitely not my first choice. i suggested st. john's, hilariously they asked about the pickle barrel. i wasn't quite sure what they were looking for when they said "nice restuarant." hard to know what their persceptions would be of the ole barrel. not many people like it there, i cannot imagine my nana eating dinner there. it is a bar for god's sake. oh well maybe these ole chaps are used to the pubby scene. not that the pb is a pubby scene at all. quite the contrary. not to dis or anything.

we got to the game and i bought a bud. the teenage counter clerk said they were out of big river's vienna lager. gosh. so we found seating on the third base line. moments later a man came to us and said it was the family section and no alcohol was allowed. yikes. i had no idea as i led the crew over there. oh well so we ended up moving to the first base line up in the nosebleed section. which isn't really that at all, but no beer holders up there. we left during the seventh inning stretch. i did end up getting a summer wheat which was nice, making up for the cheap brew.

in leaving the stadium we found that the shuttle stopped running at nine thirty. so we decided to walk back to my apartment. from there we went to the local. i enjoyed the music mostly, but decided to go outside. we didn't stay too long. i came home and went bed after eating my midnight snack of wheat thins and cream cheese. oh yummy.

i am participating in the postcard swap and have my postcards ready to role. it is just a matter of addressing them and sending them out. i am excited about getting some really nice art from around the world. we are a society of mass productive consumerism. it is a blessing to have a culture of women who appreciate the authenticity of handmade items. my cards will be color copies of original collage. i do not think that anyone on the list myra gave me have ever gotten any of my cards or participated in a swap with me before. so i hope the cards go out fresh like.

i thought it would be nice to make my own lamps at one point. i even did once a long time ago, but there are limitless ideas for swaps. it is incredible. are you a light in your family, at your job, in your marriage? i really would like to be a light. and lu here is keeping an observation journal. how cool is that? it sort of reminds me of somethings i did as a highschool ap english student. special writing exercises to grow the mind. one thing though, that i just thought of is: if i have been keeping journals sense seventh or eighth grade, could i send them to the library of congress to have them perserved there for all the world to see? my impression is that the library of congress is a global library and that even countries aside from the usa can have documents protected and perserved. my understanding is that the loc takes like tons and tons of contributions each year. but from people like me and lu? wouldn't that be an extra cool project. start a traveling journal and at the end submit it to the loc? oh geez. i am too full and need to spend sometime just creating.

the other thing i have noticed is an audience. it is a tenuous thing to have strangers reading but alas i don't mind taking a global role call. and if you go to a comment page here at phantomcrimes you'll a piece of art at the top taking up a bigger portion. i don't remember the artist's name, but it is not me. props to the artist though. not trying to steal or cop a feel on the inspiration tip. just thought it was funny because i was messing around with html a bit a couple of weeks ago and never could tell what i had done. and then today. it came to me in an epiphany. complications.


hannah said...

sounds like a most excellent evening. i especially like the part about walking back home. i like warm summer evening walks. even if it isnt summer quite yet, it still feels pleasant outside. cat- didnt have time to check the tracking number, but could you check your office for a ups package? let me know...

katiek said...

Oh I miss being able to walk places. Esp in the springtime.

dopeattic said...

i'd like to buy a bicycle for the summer months here downtown chatt. there are so many little nooks and crannies to explore.