unified field theory

no link here. sorry. i am really excited about this little project that m. has started. i hope that i get chosen to participate.

i have been playing with i have met some really incredible people. clearly inspirational.

i must apologize for not posting in such a long time. work time should be work time and i often feel badly for playing blog during my lunch even. i have been having really good times. i recently could not handle the atmosphere here @ the workforce and felt i needed a break so i took last friday off. i ended up going to kmart to look for martha's melamine. instead i ended up getting two little summer shirsts. i found some other things for eden that'll have to be a nice little surprise down the road. fun things for new knutson baby. i did get some nice knives, forks, and spoons dish towels that i hope to make kitchen aprons out of or at least an artist smock. we shall see. so far i've not taken any time to be creative. more like cleaning up the apartment. organization of collected things from grandparentals and such. i did finally get the bunches and bunches of knitting needles and a nice box of tiny date stamps from the 1800's. gosh i cannot believe i have these things. passed down from generation to generation.

i have been asking for joy. and i feel i am receiving the ability to look at things in a less negative way. i'll be honest and say that escapism is my second nature. when the going gets tough cat gets going. yuck such an ugly habit and character flaw. well i truly am up for a faith based risk. i am planning to visit nyc and hawaii(again). i also am currently looking for new employment. i have to little ideas for a new job, but we shall see, we shall see. i have to keep all doors open at this point. i'm trying to think about all the things i feel like i've been doing. oh i did go to my favorite place in the world. blueskies. i got a nice little one of these. i also got some of the beautiful stationary by snow&graham. i can't seem to pass up on blueskies.

yesterday i took a sick day and got the city paper and the nytimes. i wish that i had time to sit and read the paper. i'd rather not have to wake up early just to read the paper, but sometime in the middle of the day would be nice. i visited with meine bruder aaron. drank a couple turbo dogs and talked redbank highschool, government education crap, and literature. boy have i got to swallow my pride. boy i have so much to learn and i have so little time.

the unified field theory is on everyone's lips lately. have you noticed?

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katiek said...

I have no idea what the unified field theory is. I just figured it was a cool title you came up with. Goin' to HI where the playa's play huh? Brave new girl, brave new world. And it takes a creative soul with a disciplined edge to stop and organize. It's good, people like organized artists. They can actually find things and there is a lack of pubic hair in their work :)