conservative rebel house

this is the desk i do all of my work from. it is a small place, which is all that i really need. actually and truthfully this isn't my desk at all. although i wish it were. i am quite tired of the turq-aqua colored counter tops that surround me in an ocean drowning. i'd like a stark environment where things looked as though they were out of the seventies or even the forties. i'd like a black or silver bullet filing cabinet. i've even tiptoed on to chattanooga freecycle but feel the scene a bit bogged down. i am thinking though that if andy m. needs furniture he should look into the freecycle. i am looking for turntables. i do not really want to spend pimped amounts of money. but i recently looked at pricegrabber and technics. i was able to create a soundflyer called 'dirty sanchez on rye.' it was a quick take, first try, stupid sound bites, but funny nonetheless. over the weekend i got a package from my great new pal l.. this woman is just amazing. she made two beautiful bags that i have taken photos of and haven't had a chance to put them up on flickr. or maybe i'm just negligent. she knitted a sweet pink bag with a nice (flavo-rite color) grey flower sewn on. and secondly a artsy (my new davinci bag, i'll call it) tote with bright green gingham pockets inside. gorgeous!

but i think i must've told you about my package from hannah. so at some point when i'm not so lazy i'll post the many photos, 40 some and counting on the dinocam. i got my first postcard from misocrafty. i am truly excited, my expectations are overwhelming me. i am already amazed by what i have seen blog 2 blog of the postcards being sent out. humanity floors me, in it's ability to have the two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth, but yet when it comes down to it we are so different in these minds of ours. we were each given a bit of the pure aesthetic, don't you think. oh and i'm not a dj. the reason i speak of such things is because i have several friends that are dj's. i have a few dj names that i've mentioned in the past, they are: dopeattic, catskills, durta laundry, and mini mart. if i mixed records it my a cross, mix genre style. the reason i want turntables is so that i can produce and mix my own music/beats, so that when i'm hi fi texy enough and have a domain, i'll also have my own musix. no production, no retail, just the aesthetic of music with my art has intrigued and challenged me for many many many years.

this is another piece of furniture i'd like to have to furnish my home sweet emoh. i have emotional attention span of a camel. i'll spit and cry, blubber over anything right now.

i suppose these are all pieces i'd have in my conservative rebel house. i am still trying to change the sterotype of what this nation of cat is. i went to a different chursh on sunday with my brother ethan and snl m.c. they go to calvary chapel which is an off-shoot of the vineyard. slightly familiar territory for me, while visiting the knutson's in atl. the service was fine, the sermon was excellant, the worship sucks. why as xtian do we have to worship in the freakin' dark? i don't need the communion with christ on sunday mornings, that's what my daily devotion is for, right? isn't worship supposed to be many voices in communion with one another, isn't that a huge reason why we go to church to be with others? so why are we hiding in the dark, my faith is not a mystic one. i do not have a secret language that only god can understand. i don't have a speacial lighting system so that god can see me, i don't need a beacon of light shining up into the clouds so that god can see me, praising him so well. screw attracting others to a more contemperary worship. who cares? isn't contemperary a relative word anyway? i think non believers should really know my life. if i'm gonna go to church in the dark i mine as well have church in my bed under the covers on sunday mornings. what's up?

teach me oh god, your will is my desire. renew in me a pure and clean heart so that i may see you. the word at calvary was eye opening. i am resolved to leaving new city fellowship for now. an attempt to forge a catpath to the memorial where cc meets. one tiny other thing...after the service a woman approached, someone i have known. the second thing she said/asked me was how my life had been? and hadn't i struggled so much, so often? yikes, isn't that a shame. i am known for my self inflicted struggles and poor decision making and all the other bullshit that comes from being me. so much for denying the sterotype. what shall i do? it makes moving out of chattanooga look all the more appetitizing. yummmm

and a new york visit? still thinking. i'll let you know. andy m. just bought a home in st hellno. i wanted someones help in deciding what house i should purchase. here's a looksy:


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sweethc said...

So glad you liked the bags. I was a crocheting fool this weekend and discovered some new flower patterns. I will have to send you the chocolate and pink one I made to match your bag! You are going to dig it!