millionaire's maakies

every night this week i have been drawing at my friends house in an old spiral notebook. i have not sat down to draw anything in so long that it has become a nice way for me to wind down from the ciaos of everyday. the other night i drew a world between to worms or catepillars. there was a treehouse with two tire swings and a nice big branchy tree for climbing and sunbathing. the treehouse i imagined was solar-powered and had a hidden staircase leading up to it through the trees. last night i drew my first ever imagined character. he was arm-less and foot-less, but had a very nice helmet to protect his mind. i did not come up with a name for him, but he did have an owl as a sidekick who has bubbles for brains.

i also have picked up the aprons and i'm finally getting my first one finished off. i am excited and terrible about sewing these perfectly straight lines. what a crock o' shite. i need a guard on my foot to keep from straying outta line. for some reason right now i don't even care because the crooked line seems so attractive to me. i see all sorts of leafy, branchish lines in my head when i draw, tending to be more organic than my collage, which is generally extremely geometric in concept.

i am excited to say that i have found my next big project. i will try to get into ava's FRESH. we shall see. hell after being turned down from 4bridges. i don't care much for the trial and error mishmosh. i'd rather have my own exhibit in my own home. but kate said that when she met with katie @ the hollis gallery, she plugged me or something along those lines. i could try and kill two birds with one stone. shoot for FRESH and the HOLLIS. i gotta stop working as much. this will be another sixty two hour week.

i am sure you all remember maakies. i just love the the black crow and the beautiful monkey. i'm working on a concept for a hat design for my friend too. i really like the monkey idea. whoowhooowhooo.

please check out more sushi fun @ amyville. someone loves sushi. it is so dang beautiful isn't it. kricket is surely right, about her last comment. way to go sushi lovers.

and here's another nice photo taken from carabeth's nice little site of the famous postcard swap.

i'd like you all to see the other postcards that i sent out. one of these days i'll get my camera to the computer. except my pops is giving me his hold pc. now i'll have two and i want to hook two turntables to my pc's too. what shall i do and how shall i do it all?

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