my guy trends

is it me or are we as a culture diluting? watering down the most beautiful things in life. over prescribing, prematurely diagnosising, tempting children to buy things by using sex, the almighty hand of advertising. parents over indulging their children allowing them to prolong adolesence, delaying reality, disfunctional dr. phil moments. pulling boxes of cold/cough/flu medicine off the shelves because dirty meth heads squeeze the life out all they touch. sacred wars and holy peace negotiations, family values taught in public schools (screw that). where are you drunk, career loving, suv mongering mother's and father's. neglect your children and you'll die in a goverment funded nursing home, alone and abused by poverty paid immigrants or else, janet reno, donald rumsfield, tony blaire, my friend the bush. no side is a good side, except in my mind a faith side.

i am tired of seeing pre teen skluts bare their cheeks on the sidewalks of this city. i feel wary of the racism that prevails because someone named a girl in her highschool year book, "black girl", because they didn't know her name otherwise. it is tragic that the media has the upper hand and that celebrity's play and pretend to be such do gooder's, while divorcing and cheating and spending money to the inth degree. why must we have something to distract us, entertain us, all of the time?
why must children have access to our personal computers at ripe ole age of four? do we need one more video game, one more way to get our music. my radio stations torture me, but i'm not willing to go to all that effort to make my own soundtrack. where is the mystery? where is the truth? why do i need an ipod, psp, or hybrid car?

we are a culture of self doubters, pretenders, and criminals. we are also a culture that will revolt, reverse and recess the cycles. i saw this great documentary on benjiman franklin. have you seen it? check it out at pbs.org if you're at all interested. or pick up the autobiography/biography. i am going to. as he got older he truely became more of a revolutionary. bucking the british colonization, branding the sale of africans as slavery. and being the only founding father to have signed all three major historical documents, d o i, constitution, and something else b o r's maybe do you know? he was not only an inventor but an man of great integrity. who has integrity these days?

the phil my buster makes me sick. the stem cell this and that trys my patience.

you are probably or possibly wondering where all of this comes from inside of me. i am not so sure myself. i love the little guy above, but it made me wonder why we must accessorize every ounce of our lives. even the simple life in magazines takes up space. the clutter demands reclutter.

oh and guess what? i am off completely from work on monday the memorial day. how's that? oh hell. what will i do with myself? aprons are on my brain. and finishing two shadwoboxes i haven't told you about. tiny ones that i am making for smoore and mc for graduation presents. i am also employing a great artist to make two of her most wonderful creations for two of my most favorite people in the world. i've got to keep it a secret though. hold on tight guys because the weekend hasn't even begun and i'm still working.


katiek said...

come to atl for a southern cookin bask at the worrell's! the perkins will be there too!!well, i thought i'd try

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write. There is a rhythm to it. The words you use combined with the rhythm are very powerful. It reminds me of the beatnik style. Keep writing. You ought to think about writing for The Pulse of some alternative paper.