umbrella blue

suddenly i feel i just might be able to say things are better in my mind today. definitely more at peace are my thoughts, but the drop dead silence at work is a tinge unnerving and i have to fight the feelings of revenge and hatred.

the frustration continues and hasn't gone quietly away. it is in my face like a brick frick wall. i am looking forward to this evening and tomorrow as well because i do not have to work at the rx. tonight i am going to work a tad over time, maybe. i am not sure because as the day grows longer i become less and less willing to deal with all of it. ignore me, do not speak to me, the mental violation i am dealing with here. only one person. i very rarely know what i am talking about here at work. i just feel so badly right now. i am not trying this again. i am not trying to steal someone else's job from them. i am just trying to improve on the technology that is readily available to us. as each day goes by i become less and less willing to work at it.

i am going to have to take a very very very long long vacation. and not to the crappy beach. yuck. so tomorrow night though i am going to buy some pants. i wonder if any of you are really short like me. although i am not considered a "small person" or "midget" it is incredible difficult to find pants that fit shorter legs. geez, i need to be my own seamstress. so i need some work pants, the grey and green ones are falling off me.


Anonymous said...

I'm coming to Chattavegas to see my new niece, June 3-13. We should hang out if you are in town.

katiek said...

i know my mom gets her petites at walmart. but you've probably tried their already. sorry to hear all the suckiness at work, patience and grace to you girl. and cool that erbs is gonna be around!