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there was enough for me to do this weekend, i actually ran out of time. i also wanted to see a and a again, but did not feel so much like watching a film. motorcycle diaries, i am sure you have seen it. i have spent no money on movie going recently, nor have i been renting any of those dvds. i got into watching a bit of wimbeldon and started big fish all over again, but didn't watch it all the way through. i had to work on friday and saturday, which was not too bad. i have begun to see how customers that come into the rx on the weekends are much more stressed and generally very rude. i have a small theory about their demise on the loveliest of weekends. first off, they attempt to spend time with their families, cramming in as much activity as virtually possible, though realistically impossible. they are accustomed to spending the entire week away from the family and that is nice, especially for working parents, who are weak ass and cannot handle their own kids. weekends tend to be times when people are more needy and want more than they can get. they've spent their days out on the lake, boat or at little league baseball games and they are grumpy, hot, irratible and too impatient. i do not think that cvs is a difficult place to shop. but people act like their worlds are about to fall apart when the rx doesn't have something they think it ought. ice cream? ping pong balls? doral cigarettes? one hour photo?

i got a package off to one of my friends yesterday. it has taken a long time, well over due. but i hope she likes it and it's a surprise for her. i also got a couple letters out, to some of my snailmail pals. that was enjoyable, due to the fact that i've gotten some great stationary. i started another series of potholders, the first of many decoupage boxes to come. i ate my granola on ice cream and took off with the crossword puzzles. i started reading the da vinci code a couple of weeks ago, spent an hour in my cozy queen, snugglin bunglin snoozin and semi thinking the book could be better. i have been totally influenced by ep's point of view on the subject.

i started wearing my summer skirts and am working on my spectacular sunless tan. per jergens glow, the regional hit. kate came up from atl and we spent a part of sunday together. we talked shop, art, baby this and that, saw a man get arrested outside of my building, car towed and the bit. eden b slept most of the time and i couldn't believe the pics kate took of josiah at coolidge park. fantastic times!

yesterday i was going to hang out with aaron and ashleigh and possibly laurie, they had made other plans. i went for this enormous walk around the southside. i rarely have the op and the sun was so hot and i was frigid in my apt. (never have to pay heating or air, cranking it up). i met cesna at his studio and a guy, jerry who is an artist. people or rather tourists were out all over the place. totally exciting. mad and blasted beat cops protecting the tourists from the residence of this city. saw it on the news believe it or not. the city has got to make the moolah.

i started a new bird painting too. the activity has worn me out and tonight i've got to work. yuck.


sweethc said...

Oh, the crafting. Doesn't making art just do something to you?!

katiek said...

Can we swap lives for a day? walking around downtown sounds awesome!