three strikes

you all must swerve through or take a detour by some of these great things that people all over the world are doing. it isn't just your typical little illustrators, graphic design humpsters, or mad hater dragsters. there are some real life more more more than hack out there and all it takes from people like you is to read, listen and learn. i feel that i maybe going through an entirely new educational experience that has nothing to do with the academia of our here united we stand divided society. i'm not really what you'd call a college advocate, but sure as hell i'll push you to read and sort through the thousands and millions of resources out there. at one point in visual history people must've thought we'd grown stagnant and stifled, but alas we may certainately see a new brand and recycle of recycle. i love the animated war of characters. it proves to me people still have great non batman like imaginations. not that i wouldn't love to see some of that great original print from batman artists be incorporated into the newer movie. if we've got digital why don't we use it to blend mediums more and let that be seen.

i'd love to do a compliation with someone. a short animated sewn paper film (digital of course), maybe with some great old 8mm mixed in for the scratched vintage feel. i just remember some of the great film i saw while out in california and see myself in another life producing grandier things. i just can't stand some of the stuff i do. you know how that goes though. the problem is that i have nothing that looks the same all the way around. these artists who produce a character or concept...that's what school is for i think.

i mean why am i still painting on canvas, people have been doing it for hundreds of years. i attempt to spice the mix up a bit by using 4 canvases here, but i'm unpleased and feel varied in my growth. i'd like to do bigger, monumental work that spans the globe and my street sidewalk.

while i'm at it here's a link to some other things i've done in the past, photo quality is a little lower, but you'll get the jist. misty eyed mornings and bring buddha back from the dead earth please. torn to tidbits sized pieces of paper and wax to cover the earth.

i didn't tell, but thursday night last week i was having the great fam collier over for father's day and wahlah i was attempting to use eggcups as candle holders and so i was melting wax on my kitchen stove to pour into the cups to meld the candles inside, while at that i was also cleaning up my bathroom, long disgusting time sense i cleaned it. and my cellie was ringing, thank god. and i saw the small pot of wax smoking smoking smoking. so i hurried to pull the pot of the stove and wax flew out and caught the burner on fire. boom, splash boom. the terror didn't exactly end there either. when i did get the hot wax into the eggcups the candles started melting and bending over. one of the fell and the wax fell all over the front of my stove. how terrible.

i like this more than other things. i like the idea that people felt enough to create something around our sense of touch. totally look at the things this female is doing, i so wish she'd put together a daily blog sort of thing. i am physically inspired to shake my paper creations apart. you should too!!! bustapapermove.

thanks to tania for finding this site for all of us to enjoy. i'm just going to do my blogduty and share it with the rest o yous.

well i hope this helps you warp your mind into a very different mode. i'm down three strikes, i'm outta here.


Anonymous said...

Whew! You find some coolio stuff cat, but girl, learn to scale down those pics! The butterflies are amazing!!


dopeattic said...

i'm stupid and can't scale down, because i do not know how. that's how the pic came off your blog, that mega size doesn't compute does it?

sweethc said...

The butterflies are very cool.