whiff whacker

three cheers for the three bestest peeps in the world today. i am not so depressed or struggling within my personal life as much as learning how to deal with not having any money here at uoha. i don't know how not to cry and whine about how difficult work is right now. i know and have faith that it is going to get better, but when the good ole docs are hanging over my head asking me where the moolah is, it makes things more than intense.

but i'll be over easily and quickly, you are right you guys, totally one hundred percent correct. in the midst of it such a difficult time it is way too easy to forget the actual blessing of it all. i am thankful for the fact that we have new pc's and a new update, windows based medical software. i am thankful for the opportunity to learn and i am actually thankful for the time of great humility in the matter. i often am shocked and drained because my mind isn't worthy of holding so much at one time.

last night i had my family come over to celebrate father's day early. aaron and laurie are going on a ten day cross the eastern coast trip. they'll be hitting up new jersey, new york, dc, and maybe a few other spots, so we had to get together before the ninteenth. laurie made a yummy homeade oreo cheesecake and i decided to get folger's mocha fusion, ice cream and coffee and ice and mix up some hot summer cool down drinks.


sweethc said...

It is hard to see the blessings in situations when you are so caught up in what you are going through. I hope things are a little better and you are in a better mood.

hannah said...

cat, so glad to hear your spirits are on the up and up! how could they not with wonderful friends, family and yummy coffee slushie drinks!?