work wobble

i am getting my footing. i am getting my strength. and i have had the last few days off from work, so i should be rested and comfortable, but hell today, tuesday has been difficult. i don't mind so much because i am beginning to realise there is nothing i can do. it is all out of my hands and i have done all that i can to resolve the major issues.

i am happy to say that i had a most beautiful weekend with two of my very bestest friends in the world. kate took time out of her very busy mommie life to be with dear old erin from nyc. there's nothing like old friends, grace at it's best. the little time away from chattanooga does truly help. i also think that having very balanced critique and discussion of art, family, children, community, faith and the sort, makes all this workforce shit, 100% better. now i wish that the great lu and the lovely h along with...

fenn in the red sweater of course, just might come together someday. the riches are great when i'm not so clouded up on the inside. i sure do miss fenn. i know she's down there in lakeland, trudging away, but i can't stand that she's not up here. and oh if only h and lu, to be in one spot for just a day. how exciting that sounds. we went to one of my favorite places in marietta, harry's whole foods. yum. i bought sesame sticks, pistachio's, spinach, apples, rosemary shampoo and citrus soap by burt's bees for my face. oh i love harry's and there's nothing like it here in chatt. greenlife is 6 times smaller and several amounts more expensive. we went and ate pizza and drank coffee on the patio for hours. eden b. slept most of the time and josiah and i made up songs about guitars and rough housed while the adults played adults. erin and i made strange things happen to the knutson's coffee grinder. and i had joel take photos of us for posterity. and for fenn. i appreciate the friendships i have, so valuable. and the new ones i am beginning to find in these vast spaces of the www. i just need more balance in my life and maybe i won't feel so rough and tumble.

i am almost finished with my very first apron and kate was sweet to pick up some more ribbon for me. but i'm working every night and day for the next 14 days so i'll need some energy to make these projects happen. i miss the days of friends so close. and look at the thought hilary has begun sorting out on her blog. can you believe the momentum here girls? do you understand what it is we have? do be thankful. and thank you.


hannah said...

i would so love to sit, drink coffee and talk with you. these web friends are so amazing, it makes me think that the physical relationship could only be so much more! please know cat that you are welcome in kc anytime. we have a big couch and plenty of leggos and starwars figures if you get bored.

sweethc said...

Such nice things to say. Thank you. It has been a great experience meeting new people over the www. I think once you truly let go of work issues, things will be much better for you. Just keep your head up and be positive. Also, sew, sew, sew! Can't wait to see the apron.