do we know

after yesterday, events surrounding the london bombings, i started to think again of what it is i stand for. how can i know such things, i feel as this child looks, from cherry hood's perspective. i did not work yesterday, instead i got a brand new hair arrangement, that is a "do" for summer. a red hot punk rock style that blew my fellow co workers away when i stepped in this morning. yikes! so red, so you, so i would be scared to rock that cut! i am thirty years old in december and have never felt much like fitting into the typical female: hair, nails, make up the summer glow-melanoma. it has just been a few months, the weight falling off, a hair salon gift certificate that has really honestly motivated me to look better. not for all of the disgusting superficial reasons, but because my heart is feeling better too. although i've not quite quit the smoking habit.

yesterday morning i woke up early. my friend called to say he was going to be out of work for the day and that i should turn on the television. sure enough. london was said to have handled the immediate obstructions very well. how will they do today, tomorrow, a year from now? yeah they didn't have the smells, the white film or any of those horrific scenes from four years ago in new york, so maybe as the media put it, it will be easier for them to get over.

i do not believe it. i do not believe it. there isn't getting over anything of the sort. pretending, masking and denying, sure, that's probable. oh and the terrorists i understand, love to see our governments flit and flutter about infront of television cameras/microphones pouncing on our emotions re: civil liberties my ass, gender equality and the famous god given freedoms, turning me off. isn't it true that it's our policy they hate, by our policy we are interrupting in their processes, being there, interceding, cornering and pocketing the upperhand. will our diplomacy change, will we lose the will, can we put an end to the patriot act, or homeland security, do we know anything for sure?

yesterday, as another day has passed. i went with my sister n law to the stone cup for lunch and got burnt sitting out in the sun. i don't need to be getting accidentally burnt. not a pleasant thing.
melissa c. if you are out there reading. keep your little eyes peeled to the mailbox. treasures headed your way real soon.


sweethc said...

Put those cigarettes down, Cat!

katiek said...

Let's see a picture of the hair!! Man I'm envious! I'd love a new doobie do!

sweethc said...

Glad you liked the book. One will be coming your way if I can ever remember to get a freakin' envelope!