jellyfish bellyache

i am home from gulf shores, alabama. specifically the beachclub. i suppose we(uoha girls) have gotten pretty picky about where we stay every year, but i must say this place was not as nice as our previous condo's. the past three years we have been at pheonix V and Spanish Keys, but the hurricane last year really destroyed so much of the gulf. the beaches are still filled with tons of debris, ie. wood, glass, furniture, fridgerators, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. really horrible. homes looked as though they had not been touched, windows out or boarded up. hotels and condos with whole walls missing. not very pretty, not much to do and sort of sad.

but i had a good time, laying out on the beach. our evening meals weren't great this year either. i had ahi which wasn't really ahi, i had lots of crab, shrimp, and hushpuppies. i spent time reading, watching television, catching up with mtv2-hiphop videos, sleeping, and bouncing in the pool. i drove, so i had the freedom to really come and go as i pleased. carolyn in the city and cece drove down with me. no problems on that end. i am so glad to be back in chattanooga for a couple of days until i head out on wednesday for hilton head with kate and joel knutson. i have got a whole bunch to do in the meantime. but i did want to give a great big shout out to kate for sending a nice sweet baby blue skirt (size 10) whoohoo! and lu lu lu lu, the most amazing little paperbag book i've ever seen or laid my grubby hands upon. honestly opening and leafing through it, gave me chills, you know those chill bumps!!!

oh and at the beach i saw live dolphins and jellyfish and i picked up some nice shells. so i feel good and inspired. got to work tonight and tomorrow. gotta do laundry, make humus, contact kate, don't know exactly where i am going, go grocery shopping a bit. and umm i think that is all. i miss being here in the blog world. next year if i still have my uoha job i'm bringing a laptop. i'll try and post more tomorrow before heading out.

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sweethc said...

Now it is your turn to fill the book with all kinds of cool stuff.