my yellow prawn

we are all wireless, independent. i am here at harbor pointe, water ways on every side. no pictures for your viewing pleasure. no digital, just my 35mm photos to come, many. wanted to tell you all of this female s. wish she were in chatt sometimes. i have been having a really nice time on vaca. with the knuts, amy, nanc, and smoore. in the last two weeks my life has slowed to a crawl. so strange. the days and nights do not seem to fly so fast right now. i'm usually working all the time, same thing every single dang day, it's so odd to have this time away from everything.

beach, pool, sun, more of josiah and eden b. i couldn't really say. all of what i have been thinking of. i wish that my mom could get a way like this. the c. fam must take on a beach condo and do the time share thing. i found out last week while in the gulf, that the art/music event at barking legs will be on august twelth. i'm working that night at the rx, but i'll manage to get my work hung anyway. checking out of the condo tomorrow, heading through savannah for lunch and gallery excursions??? anyone have any ideas? cool we have been getting free wireless here at hp. no body knows how. not too sun burnt, tired but from the sun all together. fixed the group humus, guac tonight for dinner. umm...i miss my mom for some reason right now.

lu i have brought along the be u t i ful book you sent to me. i have gotten a bunch of silly magazines, that have nice stuff in them. working on filling the book, so far fish and birds, my main thoughts revolve around these two animals. sneeze. thank you so much, i have enjoyed having a creative outlet during the evenings here. i went to walmart last night and bought sissors and glue. fun times at ridgemont high. so that's all, prolly could think of more when i get home. there is a white horse at the back of all your minds, there is faith in what you hope for. peace in the beauty god has created. have seen moochoo wild life, birds galore!!!! no underwater animals though. more to come. same time, same place, same this tree.

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