wash blow & go

i am in the brown, buttery colored cords that sag an inch or two too low. i do not usually need a belt and so i am one of "those" today. it is like the grey weather, the ten inches of rain in cobb county, georgia. the swallowing downpours from dennis to emily to next weeks fred. today has been a good day with laughs and slight guacamole pleasures. i even splurged into a mocha frappe' from charbucks. the pounds only shed when i am off from work without an ounce of grocery in my fridge. i will have to weigh in today, for the heck of it of course. i also decided on the al a mode hair today. feels as though it is with ice cream, wild and crazy with humidity and all.

tonight i have got to work at the dallas bay rx which is out near soddy. unga bunga. but then why complain. twenty five hours is nothing and terribly good moolah. and too, i am taking off from the ole uoha tomorrow. "run me some" errands. of utmost importance, the nissan sentra 2005 has got to go for it's very first emission test, woohoo! of course i've been looking for a new bathing suit, what with all the upcoming beach activity. so i'm headed to the sear's essentials which took the place of my favorite kmart. see they are supposed to retail land's end clothing, right? at least i hope so. found some cute ones this year and cannot decide. trying them on is the key.

i am going to make toffee squares and attempt, possibly, humus. i am going against everything kate has told me that, store bought is just as good and easier. the thing is someone has already bought the beans, so what the hell! it'll be an experiment just like the granola. i am trying to help a friend get good food going through his system, so that he'll have the energy to work. he has got to have something he can take on surveying jobs out in the middle of the woods. humus and pita seem easy enough in a sandwich bag. he ended up eating all of my granola so it is time for another trial. this time i will start with the oatmeal instead of the wheat flour. i do not know if i'll have time enough for anything else. but the car thing has got to be done before the end of the month.


motion launch pad

quote crash pest

lotion sun turned

master golf with gold

blaster discovery take off delayed

water melt

gun target totes and tornados
in the deeper south

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