c r i m p e a y s

after reading the da vinci code i have gotten more interested in the words or letters i pick to have in my work. i am now finishing up this painting. <---- "crimpeays" for years i have lived across the parking lot from this building. when i first moved in i used to want a pair of binoculars, to spy, of course. i would watch to see who were the late sleepers, early risers, and night stalkers. i really wanted one of those apartments, but eight hundred-one thousand seems a tad steep for my inclination and income. anyway, you all have prolly found these fotos at flickr, but being that i am painting this, and not a full version. but two canvas, this being the first of another. the other will be of a small shamrock (purple) that i took a photo of. another multi canvas piece.

art show @ barking legs went fair enough. around a hundred people showed up and i got a whole lot of good feedback. i would like to be a regular featured artist though, but in talking with socky i feel he has a whole lot of artists willing and able to show. the night went well and a little slow. but suzanne and i spoke a whole lot. saw denise and phillp and due to my small slowly enclosing walls around me i handed the 'buddha's flight' painting off to phillip s. hopefully he got it per his next door neighbor. my whole secret goal for the night was if someone came up to me who was terribly excited about a work and wanted to buy it i would freak them out and give it to him/her. i know kate knutson is going to be shocked, horrified and totally pissed that i give my work away, but i do not care...i do care...but not about making money, some money would be alright, but i'd rather have people all over the globe have my work than cut my chances in half, by putting a huge price tag on the cheap shit. so much of my work is on poster quality material, who even knows if it will last a hundred years? anyway. i am getting better at these sorts of things-

i also gave my piece of josiah- 'josiah's gift' away to melinda. shocked the living you know what out of her. very fun and exciting to be free of such things. i don't buy anyone's work, except for a few pieces of plush or trade here and there. i don't expect people to want to buy mine. plus i need more room to hang and move forward. i cannot move forward or progress if i have the old stuff collecting dust. do the research and see henry darger's thing on pbs sometime. i am not mentally ill, nor do i need antidepressants, it is just a 'cat' thing.

in other news, worked too much last week and felt completely horrible so i layed out sick yesterday. i had a really great day doing really nothing except painting. did not even watch any television. ye-ah!!! sorry kk for not getting special surprises to your parentals i'd like to hand deliver myself.

but um that's all for now.

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katiek said...

yeah you're crazy, but it's your gig! that's alright about the kids' stuff, whenever...luv yaz