clutz city

i fell last night walking up the steps in the stairwell to my apartment. wham bam thank you ma'am. i felt so dorky, alone as my voice echoed and the fall bruised my ego. this morning my left upper arm blue and swollen. terribly pathetic. falling makes me feel old and tired.

last night i saw m. oyer, happened to be @ mr. zips at the same time. i wouldn't have looked over at the car parked next to me had he not waved. i haven't seen him sense jarius @ t-bones. funny how people move in and out of my life. he had unfortunate news of a dui this past weekend. first ever arrest, fifteen hours, and all because of 'click it or ticket.' the cop did not even have to pull him over, he was stopped at a red light and a cop noticed him not wearing the ole belt. you can image how it went from there though. i felt bold in asking if m. thought himself an alcoholic, of course he said NO! but the boundaries will help, limiting his intake. maybe serve forty eight hours, was able to keep his drivers license though. how's that?

i got into work this morning (on time) to find a small box from san francisco sitting on my desk. woohoo! the package for josiah and eden has arrived. now i must decide how to deliver. at this point i think kate will be more surprised than the kids, but i suppose that was the plan. thank you l. and i'll post photos, when i know that kate has gotten the dear delights.

all i feel i post lately are self portrait tuesdays. kate was nice enough to let me in on a little secret. or at least apart of the mystery is solved. don't know if kath red is the originator though. maybe she can help? anyway, the photos today are ones i've taken in the last year or so. one in the winter with the scarf my mommom in new jersey made for me, in the red bathroom light and the other in plain white/green mix bathroom. a mix and match clue.

started a fresh new read last night. dave eggers a heartbreaking work of staggering genius. so far so good. i have been listening to the new NEW ORDER cd, ben harper's diamonds on the inside with blessed to be a witness on it (12th track), lauren hill, and the new one from the white stripes. yikes i have never really listened to the 'whites' before. haven't fully come to any conclusions. thinking of swimming at my aunt's pool on saturday. liking the sun, painting fingernails and toenails. wishing my haircut was cut even shorter and debating whether or not i should chop at it myself. trying to think of some fresh new summer receipes. something with squash. or corn on the cob. wish i had a garden too.

forever clutz city coming out at you.


sweethc said...

Don't feel bad about falling. I, too, am clumsy. Embrace it, Cat...and watch your step! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Girl,
I made a yummy dish last night that you might enjoy. I sauteed yellow and zuchini (spelling?)squash with garlic and purple onion in olive oil. I added salt, pepper, basil and oregano. I tossed it with whole wheat pasta and sprinkled with pamesian (spelling?) cheese. Very tasty!
Try it.
Love you, Mom