a no waste wednesday

i think from here on out i am going to try for a no waste wednesday. blogging can feel so self centered and lack organization and even inspiration. i know this because i have read plenty of blogs that lag, tragically my own most of the time. i spend many hours a day on the www seeking, saving, and savoring the small bits of delight cornered away for a day designed for them. i wanted to share lillian's work with you @ little galaxie. i spent last evening working on the texture of two of my pieces. i was at walmart on sunday and picked up some of that mod podge stuff. it seals, coats, and leaves a clear finish-like varnish on the work. i see other work that looks as though it has been dipped in clear resin and i admire it, wish it were my own finished product. i desire the thick clear coat. does anyone know how that is achieved?

i found a nice way of showing you beci orpin's work, through fred flare's site. tina at blueskies happens to sell fred flare items and i got beci's birthday book back several years ago. it has come in quite handy, considering there are birthday's galore to keep track of.

now aaron jasinski has a fantastic site. i love the way he has archived his older work. i enjoy the music and sound selections. and the site is very easy to mingle through. it is one of my favorite inspirations. wish i could show you just a peak.

ooo and take a bite out of jason poteet's vivid abstract ways. if you are more interested in the work of artists at arthouse60 check the link.

i suppose three is enough for no waste wednesdays. i also am very excited to have started a little shop at etsy for your purchasing pleasures. i haven't got but one card posted, but hope to boost my product line even further, do not hesitate to make your way to This FamilyTree--->sidebar.

and if you'd like to participate with no waste wednesdays hit me up with links or just blog the inspirations yourselves.

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