no waste wednesday

last week i totally fudged my no waste wednesday. last week was a bit of a drag. i know i am needing to make art when everything around me feels less than perfect. i feel ansy, shallow, tired and drained of my life. i often start to want to move from chattanooga and the escape mode kicks in swiftly. oo and it can get kinda rough around the apartment. it did not help that i worked my nine to five in addition to every night and the weekend at the rx, but after the show at b.l. i knew i needed to make another step up. so on monday like i said i took a sick day and worked solidly for around two or three hours on this 'crimpeays' painting. i also have another one going, but seem to have hit a block. but all of that is besides the point. my first thought was to take the pressure off and hit these sites up for inspiration.

i am just in love with the simple work of oksana badrak. the colors are nice, but there also seems to me to be a small bit of symbolism. below is yet another i believe my very favorite from this artist considering it is birds and all.

and yet here is another martha rich has bright work that appeals to my need to work really really large. big studio space here i come...

beautiful blue colors too. have i mentioned that my new favorite paint colors are red and blue like this, geez just wish i could swim in the color.

see gina triplett's work too. another favorite with the bird. i like those big ole drips too. freedom in expression is so wonderful. just a plain ole gift from god. and beauty has been shaped and formed by people like gina pushing the visual envelope. i also have to give a huge shout out to rachel salomon for all the greatest in linkage. rachel's work is absolutely phenom too!!!

in terms of musical inspirations...more of new order's 'NO' and a little bit o' the riddum o' reggea.
i am going to grab some lunch now.


katiek said...

I love the afro puffs! I know why you dig birds but I'm not so much that way.Good job with the linkage, and I look forward to seeing pics of our latest works.maybe on flickr?

tania said...

ooh awesome finds!
thanks for the comment about the lockout!

molly said...

Hi Cat! I like the Triplett too, a lot! and I want to wish you luck in that ever knawing search for completion.