fit to be quit

i was fortuanately informed by one fast 'tag' player that i left out '5 years ago.' the process of trying to remember five years ago seems treachorous in so many ways. but i think i'll be able to come up with something.

5 years ago: oh dear, let's see. i know that five years ago i was living at the rogers compound in a little cottage-ish apartment, that was too too too too small. but cheap and necessary for me. a safe, guiding quality. jennifer green kring was @ libre' in england and we were talking about moving in with one another. getting a house, making art, having parties, you name it. i was at that time working full time as a shift a @ cvs pharmacy. i was painting in jeff's studio space throughout the entire year, with kate. i spent many a night out a bonfire. including the holiday nights. with the terney's, english's, rudy's and um let see who else? i remember one new years, we all gathered and drank, ate, smoked and sang, we even went around the gigantic circle renaming ourselves, something more symbolic. i do not remember the name that was given to me. i just remember amy gast getting the name acorn, because she'd had a little boy, naming him oak judah.

5 songs I know the words to: i do not remember any entire songs, by memory. i listen to music all of the time, but rarely know the words or the title/track. i whistle to most any music. but i do not listen to country or oldies. if a cd player, i'll know the words, but if the music isn't playing i'm not remembering. although i have songs i constantly sing over and over again.

5 things i'd do with 100 million: tithe, buy a husband, buy kids, buy a house, kill the dj.

5 places I'd run away to: new york city to see erin petrella, atl to see kate, seattle to see sara c., cairo, and my nice big bed. horray!!!

5 things I'd never wear: a tube top, tight-rolled pants, plastic earrings-specifically hoops in bold neon colors, push up bra, and staletto(sp?) heels

5 favorite TV shows: martha stewart, what not to wear, pbs-reality shows like pioneer days or the regency, david letterman, little house on the praire

5 biggest joys: in christ, my family: my mom:carol ann, my pops:great scott, my brothers:ethan&aaron and their wives mary a.k.a m.c. and laurie coe collier
the birth of josiah james knutson on feb. 3 2003. who is not my son, but my best friend's son.
tiny tiny things all little plastic toys and trinkets
beautiful found paper/stickers or objects on the sidewalk like glass or a cool rock
the swarming starlings at dusk-that are now being sprayed with grape chemical. yikes! ban the scenic city!

5 people to pass this on too: lu

carol a. collier-must email me and i'll post the answers on my blog.:)


i'll have to link some others later.

as for now, that is all i've got in me.

i also wanted to mention that i am indeed getting help. for my smoking. that is. everyone-georgia, matt, mom and the rest of the uoha gang are all nagging me to death. so maybe prayers are in order, and also the weight for my health has got to fly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Girl,
This is your Mom. I love your blog and I love you.
Would you like to come over Sunday evening around 6:30? I am going to ask Aaron and Laurie too. I'll see if Ethan and Mary want to come.
I miss you baby,

sweethc said...

man, i was hoping to avoid this one. it is so...involved! But, I will give it a try.