true's day

melmine galore! will floor you at french bull. i know you all have seen it before, but stop to smell the color one more time, just one more time. timeless, classic images inspiring a new generation of kitchen's around the world, i suppose. after my housefire i decided on melmine/melmac dishes. my aunt was so sweet to get on ebay and pur-Chase almost every line of color for me. i even have seen martha stewart's line at kmart, but alas kmart has departed from the scenic city. what shall we do?

and i do do do love this tiny little bird purse made by kelly lynn at little paper planes. i have been spending a whole lot of time adrift in the great abyss of the www. there is so much to see and ponder. a timeless gaze upon the most of everything. i found parcel. thanks to matt b and his friend anna. giving me a yellow chick from the lot.

i know i've not been about blogging, i'm too busy. this weekend is all work, no play. i'm looking forward to next weekend. until then.

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