unrest crests

here it is the end of the weekend at the parentals, spending some sit down time with the mom person. i had to work today, but had to get some of my mom's very special chicken salad on a plate of mixed greens. yummy. about the only meat i'll eat these days. i'm trying, have been trying for a while now to cut meat entirely out of my diet. it has truly helped shed these twenty or so pounds. i'm still above my bmi, but i'm alright with that. just gotta keep cutting out the fat. there is a blow to the head. spending time with mom, getting the rest of the family news.

ethan and mary, my brother and sister n law were out last night or maybe friday with another couple. walking along frazier ave. they were approached by a group of boys. who proceeded to harass ethan and justin about wanting to hold hands with their wives. ethan asked them to quit and as ethan was walking away, on of the fifteen boys came up behind him and closed fisted hit him in the back of the head. of course mary was upset and so was kelly, justin's wife. calling the police, filing a report and charges. shaking up the blood and making my bro-ther feel terrible. ethan has always had guns, interest only, fun shooting. he now will be getting a permit, so will my dad. shocking, but true.

i was with my friend matt around a month ago on the same street in my car. and a group of boys on the corner started yelling at us, taunting and laughing our direction. making fun, i think, being stupid. it evidentally is becoming a problem. we shall see.

my aunt's dog, tasha died yesterday or today. sad news. pets are a foreign experience for me. but i am too sad for my aunt. whose been crying.

i am in my uniform, wanting to go home. long day. also the anniversary of nine eleven. four years since my housefire too. praise god for his protection and guidance. i am so grateful. also thanks kate for the phonecall friday night. always a beautiful feeling to talk with you. i'll catch up with you all tomorrow when i'm back at the nine to five work force. yeehaw.

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Anonymous said...

it is very sad when a beloved pet dies.i think your aunt will be okay after awhile.she cares for you alot i can tell.