double helix

yeah i am back at the workforce after a nice two day off from the rx weekend. i can't say i accomplished much. i did have to work friday night, came home and watched ART:21 at eleven p.m. stayed up late writing, my grandparents and kate knutson. saturday my mom called me and asked me to go out with her. we ended up hitting up blueskies. i was happy to get a gift for my aunt cathy for her birthday. a miniature gnome!!!! so so excited. now i am looking, searching the www for the little doe/dear someone took a foto of and put on their blog, the gnome was made by the same company. okay so i could not find the company, but i will show you the deer/doe i saw at blueskies with the gnome. see here at two rabbits. i thought it was something like dexterbooks...oh well.

i bought a nice little felted wool pouch to go along with my felt wool purse from nepal. 100% woollen felt made by angel of orphans??? i am not quite sure. it's an autumn thing is suppose. i cannot deal with the scratch any other time of the year, but come fall, i'm all about the itch under the arm. the cutest purse ever must come out of the closet. i am doing a whole hell of a lot better. i am not working tonight or wednesday night at the rx, so i'll have a little bit of a break. i have so much to look forward to in the next few weeks.

first and foremost the 34/84 fest in cartersville with ole girl kate knutson. i cannot cannot wait. i had so much fun last year. i'll mos def have to get my act together in two thousand six and be apart of some of these dang art thingy's. i just have got to do this second job thing for a little bit longer or at least the amount of hours for a little bit longer.

i am also looking forward to jen kring moving back to the area with a baby girl in the tummy. lavendar zoe is well on her way and she'll be here in february. i just can't wait for that bit o' joy.

i need to buy more canvas and i am trying to think of a way that i can send lu the book i'm working on but also get a copy. for myself, for future use. i'd rather not try kinko's the old school printing ways. i haven't been working on the apron thing just not into it right now. but i did see the tie one on theme this past month was dish towels, that's cool, cuz that's what i was already doing.

my double helix your double helix our double helix.

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katiek said...

glad your in better spirits. I got your loverly post card, a little lotta jans is great to get in the mail amoung all the credit card offers. Looking forward to Fest 34/84 so much! Ahhh the weather!
I can't wait to meet little Lav Z. myself. I need to mail you something too.