history mystery

the way that our parents teach us through their own mistakes. the way that habits fall upon our children when we have been irresponsible. i have no way of relating to all of the young parents out there, trying to do their very very best, better than their own parents. i want children and have some clue as to raise them in agreement with a husband-partner-man-dude. but hell the up hill battle must be constant. i think of my mom and dad doing it all over again with smoore and emoore. why would you? i understand and let me state clearly that i know why my parents are doing what they are doing, but i suppose the hope has got to be in the hand of christ for his guidance.

i got into an interesting discussion with l. at the rx last night about religion. faith. she is great in her thoughts and encouragement. this sixty four year old lady is a great great grandmother, working, bright, strong and courageous. she really seems to have a spirit filled life and leads me with her thoughts sometimes. especially about money and men. which are two very difficult things to face as a single female. there is p.j. working in the rx who seems to want to flirt, but i know he is a "playa," he's got to find a hindu girl, no american protestant like myself. but it is interesting because l. thinks of course that p.j. is off big time, which he is, but she's made herself and her faith clear to him. to say the least i am rambling.

last night i finally go to the laundry. geez, you'd think i was washing for a family of five. i have enough socks to last me three weeks. as soon as i get to the bottom of the barrel of socks it is past time to do laundry.

everyone wants to know how my time was, with j.m. but i cannot give away the sort of details you may be looking for here, up in my family tree. it wouldn't be fair now, would it. all is well though. single life is a treachorous thing for male and female. i wouldn't want to spoil the potential for friendship or the like.

my history mystery for today is this idea of survival of the fittest. the thought itself is slightly disgusting and i am reminded of it all of the time. i was watching katie couric this morning again, why won't i stay away, and they were talking about female celebreties having babies and tummy tucks simultaneously. how absurd is that? so that is all i have to say. nothing real monumental i having to buckle down here at the ole workforce, manager wants the accounts zeroed tomorrow! a bit of an exaggeration, but nonetheless.

i also wanted to mention that aaron henning wrote me. very excited by that, especially since i know he got my site info from rob and ma hatch. thanks guys for reading and keeping in touch. there is great community. ah now i am gone until the next time.


katiek said...

That's cool about Aaron! I might get to see those guys over Christmas in St Louis! Fun, fun. And cool picture dude. Is that from the fest?

sweethc said...

cat: I got your card last week. it was very cool as usual! you made me realize I NEED some new stationary.