a-version of beauty

i was entirely inspired by the beautiful blobs by katie w. knutson. so today i decided to work a little bit of my own super power paintshop magic. for as lame as paintshop can be, it blends fairly well. the simplicity of the program might limit one, but i find it freeing. i don't have to think a whole lot about the product or the method.

in my other art work i tend to be consumed by and in the process. when my work is viewed, people usually ask me what it means or what it represents. the collage especially has images that may or may not symbolize something to someone else. i typically use an image for the sake of the color or the sake of the lines or shape in the image. i do not know what i would do without my ability to be creative. it is my life, my namesake, the highest privilege. i am not really an avid out of doors person. i used to play soccer and rollerblade, but i wouldn't call myself a treehugger. but i do do do love the trees/blobs. i love painting and collaging birds and fish too. these things have nice lines, nice space and shapes around them.

i made popcorn cake this morning for work, it was happy warm chili day. i got a massive bag of m&m's, a jumbo bag of marshmellow's, a canister of peanuts and popcorn. the cake that really isn't a cake was a workforce snack hit. the cool thing is that when i was a kid, my mom did not want my brother's and i to trick or treat. there were several other family friends who would gather with us to celebrate the fall season. mrs. h used to make the so called popcorn cake for us, for the party. i used to make it with microwave popcorn, but it isn't near as good. i don't know if it is a common little snack, but the girls here don't seem to have heard of it before.

the rest of the week looks slightly less stressful. less coworkers to deal with tomorrow and i'm not working friday at the practice. i am going to be at the rx friday night, leaving out to atlanta saturday morning. there should be fun show at ziggy's on friday night.

from atlanta, the CARRY- ONS (www.myspace.com/thecarryons) punk/ska and chattanooga,

DRUNK MAN DANCING (www.drunkmandancing.com) punk/drunk and chattanooga,

CIRCUIT BREAKERS (www.circuitbreakers.co.nr) gabber/hip-hop performing live this

FrIdAy -- OCTOBER 14TH @ Ziggys (607 cherokee blvd. chattanooga, Tn) 9:00 pm 18+up 5 bucks poster file attached~~ brought to you by At The Break

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katiek said...

I like the blobs! Those paint programs can be really fun, like a box of crayons! I don't always mess with photoshop that much. Just to get the results I need!