winter woolie's

i'll have a hard time concentrating today because for the first time in oh so many months, i am going to see a film in the theatre. i mentioned junebug in yesterday's post, but this morning i had a moment to check out the trailer/synopsis and such. i am too very excited that the film explores the work of an outsider artist "david wark." the paintings in junebug are the work of a trained artist amy wood who imagined how the film character might paint. i found her website and have been marveling ever sense. to the right is just a peek at her adorable and mes·mer·iz·ing creations. she makes painting, objects (ie. ^above), and dioramas. i have always wanted to step into the diorama field. when i was in cartersville about a month ago i happened across the cigar/smoke shop and bought up all the wooden cigar boxes. my intention, though slow in the making is to create shadowboxes or small closed lid dioramas.

with that said here is yet another piece for you to afix your eyes upon.

i used to make paper mache' shakers out of burnt out lightbulbs. after the paper mache' drys completely around the lightbulb, you proceed to bang the piece on the table, floor or countertop and the lightbulb breaks, but not the paper outside. hence you've got a shaker. i would paint them too, but that's elementary my dears. birds are most phenomonal objects to pm. i wanted to make mention of what fredflare is doing to help us all celebrate the people we are most thankful for in life. it doesn't seem to me that we are that thankful of a country or people in general, mind you. i myself struggle with thankfulness. i would really like to be content and thankful for what i have been given in life. i am but i have got to allow god to remind me of his gifts to me. the blessings that overflow. gosh my mother is some kind of amazing gift. my mommom & poppop, k. knutson & fam, ethan mary aaron and laurie, dad or pops whichever. smoore and emoore. my coworkers. geez my coworkers and how they surprise me in their love when i least expect it. the hatches and alexanders, holy matrimony, the list goes on.

i cannot wait to get my xmas shopping going. and i told you i'd give you an update on my lovely design shippment, monday i happened to get a email, saying it was shipped 11.07 and it would be on my doorstep in 7-10 days. yeah yeah yeah!!! i'd like a nice wool winter coat/jacket for xmas. that's what i was thinking(title).


Rob said...

Whooo hooo! Thanks for celebrating us! We celebrate you right back. We appreciate your writign and art.

The Hatches.

sweethc said...

Oh, this spoke to me today, cat. I feel you on letting God show you all you have to be thankful for. love that new avatar. very pretty.