drowning in ideas

so last night i didn't do a thing creatively speaking, i did do my nightly walk. and yesterday when i got home, three postcards were waiting for me from all over the place. and because i forgot about extra postage on sending my cards out to foreign places i had several returned to me. oops! so sorry gals. they're on their way. i also had my journal wrapped in some really nice paper from kate. thank you kate. thank you, i just love the dear postcard and the the guitar to remind me of josiah. i cannot believe that the last time i wrote was in november, not actually true, but close to being so. today i feel exhausted, due to lack and late night sleeping patterns. a lot of that seems to go around-no sleep that is. i have started excercising, i mean really excercising and pounds are seriously falling off, no lie, no joke. last february we did the biggest loser thing here at the practice and i lost about seventeen pounds. when i went to my doctor, he told be that since the year before i had dropped a total of twenty two. over the weekend i dropped another five, so i'm down to...um well um i'm not getting a good reading so i'll let you know another day. i am drowning in ideas. i must contact a few people. i've got a painting i paid for waiting to be picked up. i must finish the apron, cut and all pinned ready to run through the sewing machine. spring packages are on the forefront as well as a painting for aaron and laurie's home. i also have had someone ask me to work in a film-documentary style. we shall see. i'm too tired to talk anymore. walking 13 flights of steps daily with walks in the evening, wearing me down, just a bit.


katiek said...

good for you Cat! SO excited to see how sessy you are now! Me and you will be back to our "are you guys over 18?" bods soon! I wish I could walk those steps with you, I need some cardio.

Kim Carney said...

I love you postcard, got it today!

shash said...

i like this 60's ish dove. is that a fabric? did you make that?