exceeding expectations

i am currently caught in the holiday drift, mentally and physically i am wishing to extend the spirit and joy surrounding the events of the last month. i turned thirty on the twenty third and had a brillant dinner at the meeting place with my family-all of us. a nice potato crusted trout. things sprung on me, as much as i anticipated the crush rush, now thinking i'll leave the tree up for another week or so. with all of my unwrapped xmas and bday presents underneath. a slomo progression, not to be so materialistic and eager beaver. my desire to extend the feeling of generosity and spirit of giving.

i felt too, that finishing things, really at the end of ooofive would be immensely important. so instead of collecting misc. resolutions and empty promises i'll never keep with myself i did what i know best, to do. made a 2006 project list and sell/buy list. but before i get to that...

the surprises, just because i know you'll be shocked too. my aunt c. got some very nice ransburg canisters for me, for my bday, inside the smallest was the lovely little pockybook from little paper airplanes. i never would have expected it. this was the year of the bird for me. baby blue bird salt n pepper shakers, baby blue bird chimes, ms rooster dishtowels and pier 1 swizzlesticks with roosters. three baby gold-glittery owl ornaments and a beautiful yellow finch (and the hottest/coolest/cutest baby blue flower shoes from "me too") from kate and joel. on top of that the most beautiful calendar from dandelion, gnome soap and a handmade key holder from my sweet sis n law l.c. on top of that baby smoore and emoore my little sis's shopped in atlanta for xmas/bday gifts for me and the rest of fam c. they're kindness and thoughtfulness is overwhelming each year.

so with that...to my lists. i had so many leftover origami paper flowers that i thought i'd make a xmas wreath. i mentioned getting the foam wreath and trying it out a little. i realized though that for one: i didn't have enough flowers to cover the entire wreath, so i made a bunch more. second: i did like that the white foam could be seen through the flowers, so i wrapped the entire foam piece in varients of green pipe cleaner. that was cool in itself, but proceeded to attach paper flowers. COMPLETED AND PHOTOGRAPHED (fotos to follow-in development)

next on the list are more "thank you" notes to write and send out. snailmail x-changes to h and l. i entered the 2006 postcard swap presented to us by my little mochi. i have already got my doggie ideas and color choices made. i think i'll be doing four different postcards. a lot but worth the efforts.

alright, so i also worked on making christmas gift tags and actually completed the hardcopy, but i had extended my ideas into cards and such. i called image works last night, come to find out a good printing company writing in my front yard. i mean literally in the same building. so next year i'll have gift tags and cards to match for sale that's a promise! no more of the shananigans!!!

other projects included, the not forgotten aporns to k and h. 4-piece cityscape painting for aaron and laurie's new home.

spring fling out the old-yard sale. selling a wack computer, fussball table, broken locker/trunk, and lots lots more. i am looking forward so to the new year. i've decided not to move, but i'll be painting and cleaning the ole 204, shades of white. i cannot wait to have all the new pics. borrowing camera lenses from the uncle d. wide and micro. and i am now the proud owner of a pro flickr acct. is that so bad?

god certainately has a way of exceeding my expectations. i am still going to work at the rx. i have several other big personal goals and they are priorities. i'll explain and be more upfront as time allows and i feel more comfortable. peace and great joy for the newest year. terrible to waste another breath.

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carol collier said...

Hi Sweetie,
I agree that it was a particulary wonderful Christmas. If the tree had not become dry and brittle I may not have had the heart to take it down.
I am a blessed woman to have a family that loves and lives for the Lord and loves and honors ona another.
I love you,