let me stop

i miss the days when i first began to learn to draw. i so enjoyed line drawing and blind contour. i needed more foam letters for the postcards i am working on, so thinking that hobby lobby didn't close until nine i walked in grabbed a basked and within minutes an annoucement was made that "hobby lobby was now closed." i even looked at the sign, saw eight and continued in, anyway.

so i only had a chance to buy more foam letters for my postcards. which after the weekend-not having accomplished a whole lot more. working weekends are much more difficult times to get any crafty work done, i tend to not feel as motivated. i feel like the first pc i did was nice until i painted it, now i don't like it so much. so i am struggling with what to do on my second one, even though it is almost finished.

the other night i did happen across target and found the ohso bright euro bizzare for me. i was inspired again to re accessorize my apartment right now! but i must wait until the biggo garage sale in the spring. but i'm collecting all sorts of lists. i happened to get slide film a month or so ago and thought that even with slide film, i would get fotos. that's a nogo-i'm learning. and so now i've got all my xmas fotos on slide. but the cool thing is now-i need a slide projector for one, but i could technically do a whole bunch of painting. i've got lots of wall space and i can project, even if it is a little cheating. i just have so many painting ideas and images playing havoc on my brains eye i need an outlet. kate has mentioned that she needs the concepts, the jaws of inspiration to bite her. so many people loved her "slide" watercolor series, she even sold one. what do you all think about her doing a concentrated study of perspective. i like the photo of joel that she took at family portrait time, holding eden b up in the air. maybe i'll do some www surfing and post some inspiration to follow. kate, do you remember your dirty laundry project from chatt state? that was a good one.

1. aaron jasinski: i have posted this artist before, but he has got so much work on his site and on
top of that he's got an extremely well oiled machine like site. perfect design to
view his paintings, sketchbooks and listen to music.

2. arthouse60: this is jeffery brown's contour creative. i especially love his illustrations. an
entirely unique style that i've not seen as of late. below an example.

3. adde russell: check this artist out. i appreciate this stuff. s(he) did at least a couple of death cab for cutie's album artwork. it is the art of a generation, which isn't really a topic i see written or talked about very often. but the sort of washed out color, minimalistic collage-ish. realistic though in rendering of whatever. strange symbolisims. unlike kate's stuff, where everything means something most of the time. what would happen if we weren't so needy? i need certain things to happen in my work for sure. see below.

4. clandestina online art mag.

5. rachel domm: i have rachel as one of my favorites, looking to see if she updates her work. i am mostly attracted to her colors and style. i realize that i love so much and that it is difficult when trying to come up with a concept. but i hope that by me finding and showing some of this work that it inspires and creates a form of thought for you. i have always felt that viewing work makes for a better creation in the end.


andrea said...

wow, love all these links... especially the adde russell one. sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the amount of fresh work out there... I get inspired but then I am overwhelmed by it all. does that make any sense?

also, totally digging your blog.

katiek said...

Perspective would be a very nice series i think. I would need to snappity snap some serious pics. Thanks for those links and props. I can't wait to see what your postcards look like. I'm almost done with mine.