one fish two fish

blue fish, yellow fish. i could not believe my eyes last weekend when kate, josiah, eden and i trekked down to the largest aquarium in the world. yesterday i got my first roll of film back from the excursion and feel just as overwhelmed with wonder as i did while walking jaw dropped through the maze of people last sunday. i really hope my jellyfish photos come out as well or better than this roll. i cannot imagine that if i had gone snorkeling in hawaii, i would've seen as many fish as i did in my visit to the ga aquarium. i couldn't wait to show you all and felt after seeing andrea's flickr set that i'd bust in glee. fishy glee. i'd also like to welcome you, urge you, if you haven't already to take a look at kate's quar-um fotos. all i did this past weekend was work at the rx, read the martian chronicles, eat veggie soup and guacamole. walk and think. although i did see my parents on saturday morning at the tin roof bistro, which was super special, nice and delicious. i am fairly independent and do not see my mom and dad as much. at least lately. i suppose i go in phases. i've been tagged and i did not think i would be but...

four jobs I've had:
NK Lawn & Garden
Nature Center Camp Counselor
Substitute Art Teacher
Pharmacy Tech
Patient Accounts

four movies i could watch over and over:
big fish
city of lost children

four places I've lived:
3314 mtn view drive
st. elmo avenue
templeton CA
market street

four TV shows I watch:
david letterman
art 21
history detectives
sunday morning with charles osgood

four places I've vacationed:
boston mass
nyc new york
salmon creek falls

four foods I love:
garlic pasta
bryers vanilla bean with sunflower seeds
cream cheese

four sites I visit daily:
new eyes

four albums I can't live without:
beck's one foot in the grave
leonard cohen's best of
nick drake's northern sky & five leaves left
bright eyes

four places I'd rather be:
in my bed asleep
in my own studio space

four random items in my purse:

too many lipgloss(es)
pic disk
buttons/like 3 or 4 lighters

tag you're it:

that's it dude this kinda stuff where's me out.

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