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because i have not been in this sort of position before, i am totally ill prepared. i haven't gotten all my art photographed to post here, just a few pieces, here and there. although slides are now finished at framewrights. so i have decided in the 'dork' manner of sales and promotion that a price list might help. you won't have the work necessarily to see besides but i'll try and be descriptive and specific. your (anon)great request for the price of "migration" is second on the list. here goes:

1. "one growth" 2006 acrylic on canvas (not so sure about dimensions)-4 separate canvas, gallery framed separately in black. avocado, narcissus, egg, bicycle

<2.>"migration" 2005 mixed media collage-this piece was quite experimental in nature. i started with a piece of foamcore and wrapped it in a postcard design wrapping paper. the piece is not behind glass or plexi and though it is framed is slightly warped. i think it would do better behind either. i have taken measures to perserve it, so even though there is thread and smaller pieces of paper none of it is going anywhere. nor fading. i priced the piece at $200.00 because it is larger and it took me over 4 hours to complete. i would feel more comfortable if someone looked at it in person and gave their best offer (obo).

3. "stilled shamrock" 2005 acrylic on canvas-this is a smaller piece and absolutely one of my favorites. have i said that before? i did this one with ease, totally painless. from a photograph i took of my own shamrock. the right background is actually gold and does not look yellow in real life. i have had many people say they love this but i have priced it at $150.00 so that may be why. the building left background is the apartment across from where i live. this style seems so popular these days. what do you think?

4. "crimepays" 2005 acrylic on canvas-this piece is the same size as the stilled shamrock. again my primary focus in the last year has been the building across from where i presently live. during each summer the sky on most evenings is filled with fireworks displays and i cannot tell you how many photos i've taken of the building "being bombed or exploding." i so rarely talk about the terrorism we are supposedly fighting but crimepays is my way of expressing what terrorism might look like if it were a couple hundred of feet away from me. in puff letters i've spelled crimpeays up in the windows of the top floor. it is spelled incorrectly on purpose just because. crimepays when you don't get caught. right? $150.00

5. "recycled air" 2005 mixed media collage. gosh! this piece you've seen on my flickr account. you've seen the process and the sewn patchworked outcome. see here. i am so happy with how this came together. my friend matt had been at walmart and picked up a bunch of the paint samplechips. i had just gotten my sewing machine and wanted to sew paper. so i decided to sew the patchwork of color into a landscape. the top right hand corner is the blue moon. i my mind it's the the perfect piece!!! the title taken from the postal service song "recycled air" about flying in an airplane. the perspective of the piece could be from a horizontal or above sort of way. $200.00

6. "criminal" 2002 mixed media collage-this piece has the fish in the top left hand side and a couch a drew in ink-while living at the halfway house-dismis. i used to call this piece dismis, but changed it to criminal a while back. the couch drawing has shown up in a couple of my pieces. it is just so so so comfortable to work with in collage. the price is lower because of it's age and because this piece actually went with me through the housefire. the effect has added to it's appeal i think but not to it's value. $100.00

7. "lookout lake road, santa barbara, NJ." 2001 mixed medica collage-this one is so named because i have included a piece of the three locations in the title. the barn pic is both from new jersey on the family farm and the barn near my aunt's house in on lookout lake road. the postcard of the two indians was bought for me in santa barbara-while living out in california. this piece was a dear, seems that it's an address/map of all my life, so to speak. i love the color and this probably is the first piece that i began using the square, pixelated thing in monochromatic color combinations. at least it's one of the first. some of my first collages are MIA. this piece is lower too, $100.00 because it having gone through the housefire.

8. "work so hard" 2002 mixed media collage- the introduction of birds in my collage. picasso style portrait drawing. hanging birds, a whirlwind of work. what is it with our culture? working so hard to be where exactly? more money! hell no! more drugs please, more toys, cranky, sick-ass kids who spend have their childhood's in daycare, cheating husbands, desperate housewives b.s. we become a powerless, hopeless culture when we work so hard to be so far away from pain, reality of life, struggle. we take drugs to hide, to mask the hard work of living. it makes me sick to my stomach and so my tiny piece about working so hard to be so far, so fake. $100.00

9. "elephant pieces" 2002 original was mixed media-acrylic on canvas-i so love elephants, like lucy the margate elephant up in new jersey at the shore. i sold the original to jen kring, this is just a print, but framing is still expensive, that non-glare-matte glass. so $50.00. i have gotten so much feedback about this piece, though small. i did another like this for my brother aaron for his wife's bday. it was of a bird. absolutely gorgeous if i must say so myself. my goal this year is to do a thousand more of these type paintings. wish me motivation!

*10. "der hund" 2006 mixed media collage-i did this piece for the 2006 chinese new year, year of the dog, postcard swap. i have been so inspired my the quilts and fabric patchwork of other artists and feel that these sorts of opportunities lead to this style. not too long ago i spoke of this piece and it's in my flickr photos and back within the archives. "der hund" is german for dog. the colors and drawing i worked on with this one excites me and makes me feel like a real artist and not just someone who snatches other things from other people. thank you zak smith for the inspiration. $50.00

11. "one fish, two bird" SOLD $150.00 2005 mixed media collage

*12. "paperquilt" 2005 mixed media collage-two collages that i did before "der hund" the same concept, the same feeling, except i purposely wanted these two together because the collage on the left is more organic in nature-concept-imagery, birds and feathers, browns blues and greens. i've been trying to sell cards of this collage on etsy, no such fortune. the collage on the right is more man made, humanly influence in nature. the colors are more vibrant and way less organic. $100.00

* i have cards for sale of some of these collages-$5.00 each.

i hope this helps just a little bit more in your viewing and enjoying pleasure. last night i had my new ikea chair and stool put together. it is so nice. very excited. i'm working the next 4 days straight, pray i don't hate myself in the end of it all. i'll write again later.


Anonymous said...

how would i go about purchasing Migration? do i need to go to mjb or directly thru you?

dopeattic said...

if it is convenient for you to go mjb than that would be my first suggestion. i am not sure how they are handling the payment situation, but you can talk to anyone at the st.elmo locale. if it is inconvient let me know, we might be able to work something else out.

Anonymous said...

hey cat, please consider Migration SOLD. i can't make it to mjb but i will pay you tomorrow evening....

dopeattic said...

migration has SOLD