no waste wednesday

it is another wednesday, another day, another joy, another headache. no day to waste, but do and be all that you can. take every breath. breathe. i am trying to remember the joy but man o man, somedays rough times just keep coming. i will feel better once the day has past, even though i've got to head out to the rx.

today i am just going to link you all up with some of my daily and weekly blogroles. i know it takes time to go through all the links but there are some truly amazing blogs and bloggers out there. i never feel too badly about not getting to read and visit with all of these people, it is impossible. plus i know that hardly anyone except for my family, friends (kate) come to phantomcrimes. it is a full time job, reading and responding. but i'm telling you...


6.5 st


project vicki

jessica williams


misprinted type


Allison said...

ooh, I haven't seen a lot of these links before! Thanks for a clicky-fun time :) (your paintings below are beautiful, too!)

andrea said...

fabulous linkage. I have been addicted to that misprinted type site for quite some time. fantastic work, isn't it?